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Whitney Rose Reveals a Deeper Meaning Behind That Fried Egg for Mary Cosby

The RHOSLC cast member has come to look at this Season 2 moment in a whole new way since the Vail trip.

By Laura Rosenfeld

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Of all the women on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City trip to Vail, things between Whitney Rose and Mary Cosby were definitely the iciest.

As RHOSLC fans will recall, the ladies memorably got into some drama when Mary confronted Whitney at her Italian cooking class in the November 7 episode about not picking up the phone when she called her to invite her to the event. Whitney defended herself, saying that she was driving carpool at the time, but she ultimately got upset, feeling like Mary was questioning her friendship.

With Whitney and Mary's issues still unresolved, it was unclear how things were going to be between them the next time they saw each other. That turned out to be the girls' trip to Vail, and the group's first morning together actually seemed to be promising in terms of easing tensions between Whitney and Mary.

When Mary saw Whitney cooking herself an egg for breakfast in the November 21 episode of RHOSLC, she asked if she could have one as well, and Whitney agreed to make it for her. Though it was a nice gesture, it didn't seem to do much to bridge the gap between Whitney and Mary, with each of them expressing in the episode how uneasy they still felt about one another in the aftermath of their conflict.

Whitney opened up more about that breakfast in The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show, which you can view, above. "In the moment, I just saw it as Mary is hungry. We don't want Mary to be hangry, because that's not a good thing," she recalled in the Bravo Insider exclusive clip shared during the Season of Getting. "So I just took it as, you know what, maybe this is an opportunity to open the door."

But now looking back on it all, Whitney said that this moment, in her opinion, is indicative of the kind of dynamic she has with Mary. "Hindsight, I'm like, it just validates exactly how I feel Mary thinks and views our friendship," she said. "Like, she needed something from me, so she was kind."

As that day in Vail came to an end, Whitney tried to address the fracture in her friendship with Mary. However, Mary wasn't open to hearing it at that point in time, explaining in the episode that she didn't want to have the discussion after everyone had been drinking that night.

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Whitney and Mary's conflict has also been a hot topic on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen as of late. During the November 7 WWHL After Show, Lisa Barlow answered a fan question asking what more "Whitney has to do to show Mary that she loves her." "I never thought that Mary and Whitney were very close," Lisa replied. "So, I mean, maybe just give her hugs and pray with her? I don't know."

Heather Gay came to her cousin's defense when she reflected on Whitney's disagreement with Mary during her November 14 WWHL appearance. "I think Mary was definitely overreacting to the missed FaceTimes. Whitney's a mom and a business owner, and she's doing the best she can. And, like, she's also tough as nails, so I felt like she was handling it," Heather said of Whitney's drama with Mary at the Italian cooking class. "And she understands no one wants to step into a Mary Cosby battle."

Meredith Marks thought that the night actually could have gone very differently if these two were in a better place at the time as she shared her reaction to Mary's dress code prank in her invitation to Whitney for the Italian cooking class event. "I think it was meant initially as a joke and kind of just spiraled way out of control," Meredith said during the November 21 WWHL After Show. "I think [Whitney] would've probably laughed it off. I think there was already so much tension and hostility that it just escalated from there. I don't think it was meant with ill will; I think it was meant to be funny."

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