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Go Inside *That* Shocking Moment When Shannon Storms Beador Realized She Was “Mic’d”

Get details on what led to Shannon’s conversation with RHOC producers about her relationship with John Janssen.

By Allison Crist

The ending of The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 Episode 8 was a roller coaster of emotions, as one minute the Tres Amigas were taking shots of tequila and celebrating their reunion, and the next, Tamra Judge was chasing Shannon Storms Beador after she attempted to take off her mic pack because she didn’t want to have an on-camera discussion about a particular subject.

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Get details on the scene, as well as Vicki Gunvalson’s reaction, below.

What Led to Shannon Storms Beador’s Mic Moment

Prior to Shannon storming away from the table, Tamra had started to ask questions about her friendship with Heather Dubrow. Among them were “Do you confide in her?” and “Do you feel like she would ever repeat what you say in confidence?”

“No,” Shannon replied to the latter inquiry before addressing her and Heather’s past issues. “I do believe that she has evolved. I do.”

Tamra then made a show of suspiciously drinking her margarita, which left Shannon shocked. “Oh,” she said. “So have you heard things about me recently?”

Shannon Storms Beador filming The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Vicki caught on as well and chimed in, “Oh! She does. She knows something.” 

Shannon wasn’t interested in finding out what Tamra knew, though. “Don’t bring it up,” she said, although Vicki objected, arguing, “If it’s evolved, it’s evolved, it’s evolved. But we want to know what it was.”

Fans may already be aware, though. 

What Tamra Judge Was Trying to Talk to Shannon Storms Beador About

For those who need a refresher, earlier in Episode 8, Tamra and Emily Simpson got to talking about Heather and Shannon’s friendship, as well as Shannon’s relationship with her then-boyfriend, John Janssen. As Emily explained in a confessional interview, “Heather has told me multiple things that Shannon has said about John that aren’t great. However, it’s like Fight Club. The first rule of Shannon’s relationship is you don’t talk about Shannon’s relationship.”

Tamra revealed that Heather had relayed similar information to her, noting, “I don’t know that Heather was coming from a place of concern. I feel like Heather was coming from a place of gossip.”

As such, Tamra wanted to tell Shannon about the conversations that have been taking place behind her back. However, Emily seemed to predict exactly what would later go down: “[Shannon]’s gonna get pissed and think that we’re out to get her. And I don’t want her to think that that’s the motive, because the motive is we’re worried about you and we care about you.”

Shannon Storms Beador’s Conversation with Producers

Said motive clearly didn’t translate during Tamra and Shannon’s conversation. “Wait, are you kidding me right now? Tamra, you can’t do that to me right now,” Shannon said before getting up from the table. “I’m mic’d. So I’ll tell you in a minute.”

Shannon proceeded to head to another table, where several RHOC producers were seated. “I am not gonna air a relationship,” she told them. “That’s gonna destroy us if that comes on the air. So [if] they’re gonna start talking about my relationship, that’s not OK.”

Shannon Storms Beador filming The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Tamra then caught up to her, and Shannon asked if her relationship with John was actually what Tamra was trying to bring up. Her response? “Yeah.” 

“Wow… I’m done,” Shannon replied. “This is gonna destroy everything. We’re done. My relationship is over if this is on the air.”

Vicki, meanwhile, remained at the table. “And then there was one,” she said with a laugh. 

To see what happens with Shannon, be sure to tune in to RHOC Season 17 Episode 9 on Wednesday, August 2.

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