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The Daily Dish The Real Housewives of Orange County

Shannon Storms Beador's Relationships: From David Beador to John Janssen to a Mystery Man

The RHOC cast member has gone through marriage struggles, a divorce, and dating in the public eye. 

By Talia Ergas

When Bravo fans first met Shannon Storms Beador in The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 9, she had been married to her husband David Beador for 13 years and she said the two had a great marriage.

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But RHOC fans know, the following season it was revealed that David had an affair and, although he and Shannon tried to move past it, the pair separated in 2017.

Shannon began dating John Janssen in 2019, and viewers got to see their relationship play out on the show. Shortly after filming for Season 17 — which is currently airing — wrapped, Shannon revealed that John had broken up with her.

Shannon has been dating again, including a mystery man she described as “super sweet”

Here’s what to know about Shannon’s relationship history.

Shannon Storms married David Beador in 2000

Shannon Beador and David Beador photographed on their wedding day.

Shannon married David in 2000, then had their three children: Sophie Beador and twins Stella and Adeline Beador.

When she joined RHOC in Season 9, she talked about some of the struggles in their relationship.

“When I moved to Orange County from Los Angeles, my friends introduced me to him. We got pregnant on day three of the honeymoon, which was a blessing, but I did kind of miss out on the Shannon-David-together-married time,” Shannon said in an episode interview. “I just want to know that every so often my husband wants to spend time with me. I don’t think it’s asking too much.”

But by the time the Season 9 reunion filmed, Shannon felt they were in a better place. “Our marriage is better than ever,” she shared at the Season 9 reunion. “We actually just got back from Hawaii two days ago and he said to me, ‘I am closer to you today than I was the day after we got married.’”

David Beador had an affair before RHOC Season 10

Shannon Beador and David Beador enact a fictitious funeral for Shannon Beador

In the Season 10 premiere, which aired in June 2015, Shannon revealed that she and David were facing a “difficult” and “bad” time in their marriage.

“At a time where it should have been the best year of my life, he started an affair,” Shannon said in the episode. “I caught him whispering to this person on the phone and I suspected that something was wrong… He was taking the kids to school, and I grabbed his briefcase and I saw all the hotel receipts. When he came home, I said, ‘I’m going to ask you one last time, are you having an affair?’ And he said, ‘Yes, I am.’”

In an attempt to reconcile the situation, Shannon and David signed up for a couple’s retreat. “We need professional help, so we are going to go to a couple’s retreat so that we can get that help and move on with our lives,” she explained. Part of the therapy was imagining each other’s funerals and delivering eulogies.

Shannon Storms Beador and David Beador renewed their vows in RHOC Season 11

Shannon and David's Surprise Vow Renewal

The following season, things seemed to be looking up for the Beadors, and David surprised Shannon with a vow renewal ceremony on her birthday with friends and family as witnesses.

“After all that David and I have been through, to be able to renew our vows, it’s something that I didn’t think would ever happen,” Shannon said in an interview during Season 11 Episode 8, which aired in August 2016. “It just reinforces that all the choices that I made to fight for our marriage and keep our family together, that was the right decision.”

Shannon Storms Beador and David Beador separated in 2017 and divorced in 2019

Despite their best efforts, Shannon and David were not able to move past the issues in their marriage. In October 2017, Shannon and David announced they were separating. "After much thought and careful consideration, David and I have made the difficult decision to separate," Shannon told The Daily Dish in a statement. "We remain partners in parenthood and are committed to raising our three daughters. This is not the future we envisioned, and we kindly ask for privacy, especially for our children, during this transitional time.”

Two months later, Shannon officially filed for divorce. The divorce was finalized in December 2019.

During the Season 13 reunion, Shannon reflected on her life post-split from David. "Well, I have to say, where I am right now, I'm very excited for the future," Shannon said. "And there's a part of me that kind of likes that you don't know what's ahead because it kind of makes it a little bit more exciting." 

In an October 2020 Instagram post, Shannon opened up about the “painful and humiliating” process of watching her marriage fall apart on the show. "Difficult and painful times can only make us come out stronger in the end when we believe in ourselves. I know I am in a better place today and continue to pray that is the case for my girls," she wrote. "It’s always hard to relive distressing memories from the past, but also empowering to realize the amazing good that can come out of those dark times."

Shannon Storms Beador started dating John Janssen in 2019

Who Is Shannon Storms Beador's Boyfriend John Janssen?

After David, Shannon found love again with John Janssen. The pair met through mutual college friends and began dating in June 2019.

“I have met someone, and when I was least expecting it,” Shannon shared with The Daily Dish at the time. “I just felt an instant bond with him and I am so comfortable with him. He is one of the kindest people that I’ve ever met. He is so thoughtful. We share the same faith and he’s a great dad. He has really strong family values. There’s just so many things that you would kind of hope that one person would have, and he’s got them. So I’m very blessed.”

On their one-year anniversary, Shannon and John returned to the Newport Beach restaurant where they first met to celebrate.  "One year ago, the first date," Shannon wrote on Instagram at the time. "One year later, celebrating at the same place." 

John Janssen broke up with Shannon Storms Beador in 2022

Shannon Storms Beador Reflects on John Janssen Breakup

Three years after they started dating, John decided to call it quits in late 2022. Shannon revealed the news in an interview with People in January 2023. “He told me he was done with the relationship,” Shannon recalled to the publication. “And to hear what he said to me then was absolutely devastating.” Shannon admitted she “was blindsided by the breakup,” as she thought they “were in a great place.” 

“I’ve never loved anyone more in my life,” Shannon said. “I was hopeful this was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted it to work out. I’ve never loved anyone like I’ve loved John. But clearly, he didn’t feel the same way.”

John, for his part, told People that the breakup was a “super hard” decision for him to make.

“I’ve been in pain over it. It’s sad because I love Shannon very much,” John said. “I have loved her more deeply than any woman in my life. She’s one of a kind; so funny and generous and full of life and adventurous. We have a connection that’s unlike anything I’ve ever had. And I know that for as long as I live, I’ll never meet anyone like her again. But that doesn’t mean we’re right for each other for the rest of our lives.”

“The last thing I wanted to do is hurt Shannon, but I do think I did the right thing for the both of us," he added. "We’re two people who love each other very much, but love is not always enough. And while I know Shannon sees it as I’ve said things to her I never meant, I hope she’ll be able to see that there’s no bad person here. It’s two really good people who couldn’t make it work.”

Following the breakup, Shannon and John said they remained friendly.

Shannon Storms Beador was dating a “super sweet” mystery man

Shannon has since reentered the dating pool, and one gentleman in particular has caught her attention. During the March 24, 2023, episode of Jeff Lewis Live, Shannon described the mystery man as “very handsome” and “super, super sweet.” He’s also “super fit,” she added, “and that’s a good influence for me.”

Though the mystery man’s name still hasn’t been revealed, Shannon did share a photo of him in April 2023 in an Instagram post that confirmed her comments about him being “super fit.” From the post, it’s clear that the man has met Shannon’s daughters, and the whole gang has traveled to Mexico together.

Shannon revealed in July 2023 interview that the "brief relationship" ended after the trip to Mexico.

Shannon Storms Beador and John Janssen Reconnected

In a July 21st appearance on Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM radio show, Shannon explained that the couple was not officially dating but were something more than friends.

"We’re not back together, but we have spent quite a bit of time together in the last couple months," she said in response to Lewis questioning their status. "We see each other often.”

She claimed that the two hadn't spoken for several months after the break up, but things were still complicated.

"John and I both, we dated, but neither of us have been intimate with anybody other than each other,” she said, but added they “have not hooked up for a long time,” either.

She explained that, after her relationship with the mystery gentleman ended, she and John talked — and ultimately "decided to have dinner" together.

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