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We Finally Know the Reason for LeeAnne Locken's Fiery Behavior on The Real Housewives of Dallas

LeeAnne is ready to make a change, but will the Dallas Housewives believe her this time around?

By Laura Rosenfeld
LeeAnne Locken Is Going Zen for Season 3

Prepare to see a new LeeAnne Locken this season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Or should we say a new new LeeAnne Locken? 

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Yes, we'll see LeeAnne work on controlling her anger in the hopes of becoming a more peaceful person in Season 3. Of course, RHOD fans know that we've been down this road before. LeeAnne kicked off Season 2 with a similar commitment to change, but she seemed to suffer a few setbacks as the season went on (need we remind you of that "hands" moment or when she broke that glass at Brandi Redmond's white party?). 

But LeeAnne promises that things are different this time around, namely because she better understands her biology. "Well, this LeeAnne has done a lot more research and really understands the brain a lot better and has really done some serious in-depth diving with some doctors and some neuroscience centers about what makes a person spin out of control with their behavior," LeeAnne recently told The Daily Dish over the phone. 

LeeAnne has learned how her amygdala, the part of the brain that affects how people feel emotions, affects her behavior. We'll see her discuss more about this in the Season 3 premiere of RHOD Wednesday at 9/8c, which you can get a preview of, above. "Your amygdala controls your fight, flight, or freeze. And as a child, I froze, as a young adult, I ran, and as a 50-plus-year-old woman, I'm gonna fight," LeeAnne explained to The Daily Dish. "I'm done. I'm done running, I'm done freezing, and I'm done taking it." 

LeeAnne said that experiencing trauma as a child can enlarge the amygdala, but in her research she has found that meditation can help shrink it. "I'm gonna start meditation, and I'm gonna pray that meditation is something that can keep me calm and centered and focused on what really matters and focused on me and not the drama or the bullsh--," she said. "There's a lot of minutiae, and I think if you focus on minutiae, you end up with a crappy life, if you know what I mean. So I don't want a crappy life; I want a happy life."

Given the fact that this isn't the RHOD ladies' first rodeo with LeeAnne saying that she's going to change her behavior, it begs the question: Why should they believe her this time around? "Whether they believe or not doesn't matter to me. It doesn't benefit my mental health or my ability to move forward and be stronger or better. I honestly, genuinely don't care what the rest of my cast thinks. I care about being a better human," LeeAnne said. "So for me, it's all about my actions. If I maintain myself in a very controlled state as a calm and a peaceful person, then guess what I'm doing? I'm showing you I've changed. And if you still can't accept it after you see the actions, then that's your own damn problem. I can't help you. Listen, people have their own problems that they would love to put onto me, but [those are] not my problems, and I don't have to carry it. Here's a basket, carry your own sh--."

However, one of her fellow Dallas Housewives is a believer in the new LeeAnne, and we never thought it'd be this Lone Star lady. “I will say this year, I saw a side of LeeAnne that I've never seen before,” Stephanie Hollman, who has expressed how uncomfortable she felt even being around LeeAnne last season, recently told ET. “She was very soft to me. She really, really tried. So, for myself, I've noticed a huge change from her.” 

Stephanie also teased to ET that we'll see some surprising new developments in her friendship with LeeAnne this season. “She really, really tried with me and I appreciate that and she was very kind to me,” she shared. “I feel like I know her a lot better, and I see some really good sides of her. I see who she is, and I also see her struggles. And I'm rooting for her to do well. Like, I want her to find peace and happiness and that's, that's what I, that's how I feel about LeeAnne.” 

Ultimately, LeeAnne told The Daily Dish that she's really only focused on her own growth — and not anything or anyone else — as she continues on this journey. "I'm not trying to be a better person for them; I'm trying to be a better person for me because I think it'll make me a happier person," she said. "And ultimately, that's all I really want is to be a happy, peaceful person that manages to pay it forward." 

But if we know anything about the RHOD squad, we know that this season is going to be full of plenty of Texas-sized drama, in addition to some zen. See what Season 3 has in store, below.

On Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Dallas...
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