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The Daily Dish Winter House

A Closer Look at the Situation Between Danielle, Alex, and Jordan in Winter House Season 3

Meet the trio, Alex Propson, Danielle Olivera, and Jordan Emanuel, that will soon shake things up on Winter House Season 3.

By Jamontae Hickman

The temperature may be freezing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, but things are already heating up among a few Winter House roommates.

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On the Season 3 premiere, which aired on October 24, viewers got a first look into the budding situation between Alex Propson, Danielle Olivera, and Jordan Emanuel

In Episode 2, the trio took their romance to the next level with a “threesome kiss."

Get all the details on the trio's situation below.

Danielle Olivera and Jordan Emanuel react to Alex Propson

Immediately after Alex entered the Winter House, he caught the attention of Danielle and Jordan, who spoke about their interest in the Florida native in their confessionals.

Danielle admitted she was "interested" in the yachtie and as Jordan put it in her interview: “Mission vacay bae has been activated. I’m on the case.”

While at the table, the housemates all reveal their relationship status, where Danielle mentions that she is single and “trying to find a cowboy,” which grabs Alex’s attention.

After the group finished their meal, Alex chatted with Brian Benni to discuss their crushes in the house, where they both admitted to liking Jordan. “May the best man win,” Brian jokingly told Alex.

What happened between Alex Propson and Jordan Emanuel next

During the house’s first party of the season, Alex and Jordan sneak away to the hot tub. Away from everyone else, Alex tells Jordan that she's "beautiful." 

Although he tries to kiss her, Jordan later explains her reasoning for shutting down Alex: “Oh, God. Normally, I do like a man who has some swag, but Alex is giving cornball. Poor Alex, I’m loving the energy, but I’m feeling like it just ends there for us.”

Later, Jordan, while heading to bed, Brian also tried to give “quick goodbye" peck to Jordan, to which she shut him down as well. “Am I in the matrix between him and Alex?” Jordan said about the situation in her confessional. “Maybe I just have this effect on people, I don’t know.”

Alex Propson attempts to get know Danielle Olivera

Later in the Season 3 premiere episode, the Winter House crew headed to town to enjoy some snow tubing. While driving to the location, Jordan informs Danielle, Katie Flood, Malia White, and Casey Craig that Alex and Brian tried to kiss her, but she declined.

During the outing, later on, Alex and Danielle chat while taking a break from the snow activity. While together, Alex shares that Danielle is "intimidating to [him].” He continued to tell her how much of a “boss” he thinks she is. Danielle then told Alex “focus on one girl at a time."

She later addressed her interaction with him in the episode: “I think that Alex’s only tone is flirt. He clearly likes attention, and I’m willing to give it,” she said. “But Jordan’s my friend and without knowing where she stands, why would I want to go there."

Alex Propson, Danielle Olivera, and Jordan Emanuel have a “threesome kiss”

On the October 31 episode, Danielle and Jordan got ready for the house’s pirate-themed party together, and they talked about Alex. In an interview on the episode, Jordan expressed that she wasn’t into the yachtie, but she didn’t want to encourage her friend to go after him.

“I’m not interested in Alex, but he’s exactly what Danielle needs at this point,” she said. “When you’re fresh out of a long relationship, you want somebody who’s going to make you feel cute and just like giving you all the vibes. Alex is perfect for that.”

When Danielle spoke to Jordan about Alex, she revealed that she “like[d] to flirt with him.” During a game of “Message in a Bottle,” Jordan invited Danielle to have a “threesome kiss” with her and Alex (clip above).

Moments later, Alex and Danielle snuck off to the hot tub, where they continued the romance and started making out.

See what happens next between Alex, Danielle, and Jordan by tuning into Winter House Season 3 on Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

Originally published Oct 24, 2023.

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