Keepin' it Real

Keepin' it Real

Lidia explains why she was excited about this week's challenge.

I was really excited for this one, to dress a real person, a socialite, Tinsley, who is very modern and out there. My group worked together very well. We came up with a very strong concept. Our team had a geometric approach in shapes and figures. Each of us came up with design elements that would all end together and in the end it looked very cohesive. The choice of fabric wasn’t my favorite because we needed to stick within our budget. My team members including myself did a very good job not overexceeding the directions given. The color story for our design was inspired by her nail polish, hot pink, and the sweater accent, which she wore on the day of appearance. I was satisfied with my style.

The occasion that our group is going to do and that was given to us to choose from were social calendar events that she attends from luncheons, gallery exhibits, bac stage rock concerts, and finally a cure benefit concert! Finding a cure benefit evening gown under $50 was tough, but what makes it is having attention to the details and execution of the garment. An evening gown within a 14-hour-time frame is very risky. I was nervous to pull a quality piece for the most important event from all the above. My design idea was inspired actually by the event. I felt that my customer needs to look as a very strong, outstanding and confident woman who has money to support a good cause. Therefore I came up with a strong outline silhouette to excentuate body contour shape of her figure in a very sleek sexy yet proper look. Having a black taffeta with a gloss sheen outlined with a hot pink pop out. The skirt I kept very geometric inspired by the concept triangular pieces with an approach, knee length front skirt piece that is above the knee length and overlaps to the back. I paced my self very well in timing. My draping was done in the first four hours. The following day I finished the pattern and was waiting for my models fitting. The model was three inches bigger in the hips and two inches bigger in the waist. Luckily I didn’t cut my fabric yet so I was able to make adjustments to the fit on my pattern but it pushed me to have less time for sewing since it took time to wait for my model to arrive.

Fabric is cut, the dress is ready for sewing. Tension is growing but I remained calm and almost finished the dress within the time given for the day. The following day I put my time into finishing the minor details. The outcome of my gown was very well made and I was happy that within fourteen hours I pulled an evening gown. My model looked gracious and elegant on the runway. This time the fashion show looked much more defined among most contestants. It’s time to deliberate. Tinsley seemed to like most of the looks. However, I think that losing team look mismatched in choice of style and fabric and in turn resulted in conflicts among the group and unfortunately one person had to go home. I felt sorry for Laura. The judging of our team was good and Isaacs’s comments were sincere. Taking into consideration his thoughts, Fern was right about the fabric and it’s actually the result of the budget versus event, which wasn’t easy to pull off. Overall I was satisfied with the result and outcome. My design was outstanding and very well done and hello it was only made within fourteen hours. I feel it’s a big accomplishment. Thank you all.

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