A-Rod Reveals Starvation Diet He Used to Lose 6.5 Pounds in 24 Hours and “Not Look Fat” Next to J-Lo at the Met

A-Rod Reveals Starvation Diet He Used to Lose 6.5 Pounds in 24 Hours and “Not Look Fat” Next to J-Lo at the Met

Well, this diet of Alex Rodriguez's doesn't sound like much fun! 

By Jenny Berg

Oh, the pressure to stand next to Jennifer Lopez. It's a tough position to be in — trying to look halfway decent and not get eclipsed by all that supernatural beauty — and even Lopez's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, can relate. Which is why he starved himself for a good 24 hours before a major event that they attended as a couple. Yikes!

In a recent YouTube video called "I Almost Missed the Met Gala," the baseball legend got real as he prepared for the event with a Versace fitting. His goal? "Not to look fat at the Met Ball." So, here was his plan going into the weekend: 

"Saturday, Sunday: no carbs, no sugar, " he shared. "I have to do yoga in the morning, yoga at night, go run in Central Park, make sure I fit in this pink [Versace] outfit. But anyway I cannot wait for an hour after the Met Ball. We're gonna go down to the 'hood and have our best pizza. I cannot wait; I'm gonna eat an entire pizza." (Kim Kardashian sees his pizza, and raises him doughnuts.)

But first, a somewhat more austere eating regime was in order. On the Monday of the event, A-Rod came back to give fans an update. As he walked the New York City streets in a suit designed to make him sweat, the athlete said: "I need to lose exactly 6.5 pounds. And I'm taking two yoga classes, and I'm running the stairs for an hour, and I haven't eaten in 24 hours. I did Sunday night baseball, I couldn't even complete a sentence I was so hungry ... I wore size 48, tonight I'm wearing size 44."

Oh, dear. No comment on the nobility or safety of that goal, but... we endorse the couple's post-gala pizza run! We also endorse Bella Hadid's somewhat more doable pre-Met-Gala diet plan

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