Ariana Grande Facing Backlash After Vegan Twitter Catches Starbucks Fail: "WTF Ari?"

Ariana Grande Facing Backlash After Vegan Twitter Catches Starbucks Fail: "WTF Ari?"

Ariana Grande accidentally revealed a diet inconsistency and pissed-off vegans have yet to forgive her.

By Alesandra Dubin

Ariana Grande should know by know that she can't get anything by her eagle-eyed superfans on social media. Remember that time fans pointed out that she didn't get the tattoo she thought she got in Japanese? And anyway, it's just a numbers game: When you have more than 200 million (!) combined followers on Instagram and Twitter... you better watch your back.

The pop star got that message once again after fans noticed she appeared to contradict a claim she'd made about her diet. She claimed to be a vegan in an 2013 interview with The Mirror, saying then: “I love animals more than I love most people."

But these days, a new project appears to conflict with those views — or perhaps at least reveal that Grande doesn't actually consume the product she's hawking: Last week, the singer announced her partnership with Starbucks to promote its new "Cloud Macchiato." The drink contains espresso and vanilla-flavored syrup, topped off with foam and caramel. On Instagram, she told fans to “#trythesoyversion” of the drink — but she apparently missed accounting for other animal byproducts contained in the beverage that made it decidedly not vegan no matter what.

The drink also contains Starbucks' so-called "Cloud Powder," which gets its fluffy texture from egg white powder. Milk products are also contained in the caramel sauce. And if you remove those two ingredients... you have no Cloud Macchiato. 

Buzzfeed spied some barista tweets that confirmed the problem:

And of course, fans want to know what the actual heck:

...and also what the actual F:

This may be the biggest scandal involving Grande and food since... that time she licked a donut and it did not go well.

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