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Chrissy Teigen Provoked "Judgmental" Vegetarians and a Fiery Twitter War Is Raging

Someone, grab the popcorn! 

By Jenny Berg

In today's Chrissy Teigen Twitter watch, vegetarians are not happy with the Cravings author, and there have been some words. But before you delve in to the fiery discussion that panned out on social media, here's some quick background info: 

On March 27, the model and foodie took to social media to share some thoughts about bacon. Reposting a poll from Hempler's Foods about what makes the perfect slice of breakfast meat, Teigen put in her vote for slice No. 4. Appraising the perfectly cooked morsel, Teigen wrote: "chewy crispy fat, crispy juicy meat." 

Well, this provoked some reactions from the online peanut gallery — and followers weren't exactly keen to expound on the meat's inherent deliciousness, or suggest pairings. 

"How can y'all eat bacon... disgusting," one Twitter user asked, using a green-faced emoji to show that, indeed, she finds the whole practice pretty gnarly. "Peacefully, ideally," Teigen responded. 

Over the next couple of days, Twitter users continued to weigh in on the great bacon debacle. One wrote: "I have lost ALL the respect I had for Chrissy Teigen before reading this disgusting thread of comments. Unfunny, disgusting human. Unfortunate that a person with such a lack in compassion is also a mother." Whoa! 

Teigen took the below-the-belt comment in stride, responding: "You sound extremely self important to announce this. We get it. You're amazing." 

After more comments from amped-up meat haters, Teigen shared her thoughts on vegetarians (or at least the ones that attacked her.) "I can't imagine thinking I'm a god because don't eat meat while simultaneously being a judgmental brat to strangers online," she wrote.  

And lest any of the haters think they convinced the pregnant star to stop eating meat, she posted this parting shot: 


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