Chrissy Teigen Asked 8 Million Twitter Followers for a Missing Recipe Ingredient, Offered John Legend's Underwear in Trade

The model mom has found a novel new way to shop for groceries.

If you're a busy, working model mom and cookbook author like Chrissy Teigen, you require efficiency in order to manage all the tasks of your day. And if you're missing just one simple little thing — well, there goes the plan.

And that's what happened yesterday when Chrissy discovered she was missing one ingredient that's ever-so-slightly key to the recipe she was making: She was missing bananas for banana bread. She realized she was missing brown versions of the fruit (which tend to yield sweeter, stickier results than ripe ones) when her project was already underway. 

That's when it comes in handy to have nearly 8 million Twitter followers. Chrissy took to her social media to offer an unusual trade for anyone who could get some fruit to her quickly.

The request sounded so absurd that she had to assure people she was not kidding.


Once she found someone legit, she sent her mom to get the bananas and give out her husband's underpants.

John Legend was perfectly fine with the transaction — he really wanted some banana bread, too.

But wait, there's more! Chrissy later turned to Postmates to order some steak sauce to go with the meat she planned to cook for dinner, and the service overdelivered and brought her 25 bottles of the stuff. Which John found really funny.

She finished the night with "a ribeye and a house fire," so it was a bit of a crazy day in the kitchen, after all.

They're just ordinary people after all.

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