How Did Kanye West End Up in a Twitter War with Burger King?

How Did Kanye West End Up in a Twitter War with Burger King?

Come to think of it, we'd love to see king of Chicago rap Kanye West take on the Burger King in a freestyle battle.

By Jenny Berg

Lately, Kanye West has stirred up controversy by voicing his political opinions on Twitter. And even before he donned his MAGA hat, the rapper never backed down from voicing his opinions on social media — or, come to think of it, onstage at the VMAs...

But the latest Twitter battle that the rapper finds himself embroiled in (or BK Broiler'd in, if you will) has nothing to do with POTUS, and everything to do with burgers and fries. And to think: It all started with an innocent statement about his love for McDonald's. Hey, even RHOC's Gina Kirschenheiter can relate

On November 4, Kanye — whom we like to think had a Happy Meal in hand — took to Twitter to share this thought: "McDonald's is my favorite restaurant." The statement spurned plenty of comments, ranging from kind of unrelated remarks about Donald Trump to memes of support from fellow Golden Arches fanatics. 

But McDonald's arch rival Burger King also caught wind of the comment, and decided to weigh in with a cheeky burn. "Explains a lot," was the official comment from the brand's U.K. branch on Twitter. Check it out: 

Clearly, there's only one way to settle this feud. We need to see the king of Chicago rap face off against the Burger King in a freestyle competition. We'll bring the fries for a sideline snack.

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