Yasss, Duchess! Let Pre-Royal Meghan Markle Explain How Much She "Mother F---ing" Loves Food

Yasss, Duchess! Let Pre-Royal Meghan Markle Explain How Much She "Mother F---ing" Loves Food

Expecting mama Meghan Markle wrote passionately in her blog, The Tig.

By Alesandra Dubin
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In the days before she got officially booed up with Prince Harry and became a Duchess, Meghan Markle did a lot of things that the Queen would not have abided. For one thing, she played with her food. And for another, she used language unbecoming a royal when discussing passionately her love of food.

The expecting Duchess of Sussex is now in New York City for a brief visit to celebrate her baby shower with friends. And let's use that occasion as a moment to reflect on what Markle said she loved most about the city — in words she could have only used (publicly) before she joined the royal family.

In a June 2014 post on her now-shuttered recipe-filled lifestyle blog, The Tig, Markle reflected on the thing she loved most about NYC. 

“The memories of filming the pilot for Suits, the fast frenetic energy only lulled by my morning jog through Central Park, the quintessential Manhattan bravado, the elderly ladies who lunch at Bergdorfs (draped in diamonds, nursing their martinis, watching the day go by against the backdrop of Kelly Wearstler papered walls) – these are a few of the reasons I love New York,” Markle wrote, as cited in People. “But it’s the food, the mother f---ing fantastic, crave-worthy food, that keeps me wrapped around its little finger.”

On the blog, she also recommended some of her favorite restaurants in town, such as pizza place Rubirosa and the Hinata for ramen. And she described her favorite date place — so "dimly lit and so tiny that you simply must snuggle up — the West Village's Joseph Leonard.

Markle may have expressed her passionate love of NYC food — in refreshingly pre-royal language — but the expat is very much a California girl, too. Exhibit A: her mastery of avocado toast.

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