What Egregious Food Faux Pas Prompted a Fellow Top Chef Alum to Tell Richard Blais to “Burn in Hell?”

What Egregious Food Faux Pas Prompted a Fellow Top Chef Alum to Tell Richard Blais to “Burn in Hell?”

The Bravo's Top Chef alum and Top Chef: All Stars winner made his own version of a hugely viral dish.

By Tamara Palmer
Richard Blais

ICYMI, there's been a debate raging on social media over acceptable ways to slice bagels. To recap, this all went down after a user from St. Louis Tweeted a picture of bagels being sliced into bread-like pieces for office meeting convenience — and opponents of such a non-traditional slicing method freaked out.

Celebs and regular folk alike weighed in with passionate responses: St. Louis native Andy Cohen could care less if people slice their bagels or not (though he had never heard of it before it went viral), while Bravo's Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi Tweeted an entirely opposite opinion.

Well now, Top Chef's Richard Blais has been inspired to jump into the mix.

"I decided to make my own version of the the St. Louis style bread sliced bagel," the Top Chef alum and Top Chef: All Stars winner posted on Instagram. "Layering each slice with all sorts of stuff I love on bagels. As a native New Yorker I’m OK with this... I’ll go set up in a defensive stance now."

Richard's bagel creation is certainly appealing from the ingredient standpoint — and notwithstanding the slicing method of choice, we'd try it we'd devour it before a picture could even be taken.

Fellow Top Chef alum and friend Ed Cotton wasn't amused, though.

"Burn in hell," he commented on the post.

"How do you really feel though?" Chef Richard replied, with a laugh/cry emoji.

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