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Still Searching

Two dates with two different women but no luck

Well first off, as crazy as it may sound, writing this blog in the third person disassociates me enough that I feel I can give an authentic reenactment of my experiences with The Millionaire Matchmaker.

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Monday morning started like any other day except one thing. Joseph was about to start filming his first ever TV show. Now Joseph, a confident man by nature, jumps out of the shower, shaves and goes to his closet to get dressed. As he puts on his jeans he starts to laugh, thinking to himself that he has told no one about this show. When it airs, what will his friends and family think? He's pretty sure only one thing will come to mind -- "Mid Life Crisis." Then he laughs harder when he thinks about the random calls he will get after the show airs. Oh well, no risk, no reward. After all, hasn't Joseph made the decision to find the woman of his dreams? And is this not a step in the right direction?

Joseph arrives at Makai restaurant with no idea what to expect. He notices another man at the table, Xander. They talk for a minute and say hello. Then Patti walks up to the table and says hello. She asks both the men a couple questions. Joseph in return asks her about her current relationship. Patti replies that she has been dating a gentleman for 3 1/2 years. Joseph thinks to himself, "No Ring!" Oh well, like they say, "When you can't do, teach." Patti then explains that tomorrow Joseph and Xander would get to see the girls.Patti arrives at this hilltop mansion. Joseph shows her around. When Joseph brings her outside to see the amazing pool and waterfall grotto, he can only wonder if Patti has ever done the walk of shame from a house as nice as this. Joseph's date arrives. The doorbell rings and Joseph opens the door. Meredith, a very attractive blonde, is there with a nice big smile. Joseph thinks to himself, "God I love my life." He shows her around the house for a minute and then they are off for the surprise date. Well, surprise for Meredith anyway. After an hour drive down to Orange County, they arrive at the K1 indoor go-kart track. Joseph thinks to himself maybe the private jet to San Francisco to see the opera would have been a better choice. But then where do you go from there? Go-karts it is. Meredith and Joseph have a great time with a private track all to themselves. And when the racing is over, there is a catered dinner with a small bottle of champagne. Joseph thinks to himself, Date #1: Thumbs up.

Another day, and again the doorbell rings and Joseph opens the door. Wow! Tall, beautiful long legs and high heels to boot. Joseph thinks to himself again, "God I love my life!" Joseph shows Joanne around the house and then walks her to the back patio, where a private table overlooking all of L.A. is waiting for them. They then proceed to have a wonderful dinner served to them by Il Bella Events . Although dinner is wonderful, Joseph really feels no connection with Joanne. Needless to say, no kiss. Just a hug goodbye. Date #2: Thumb neutral.Joseph arrives at Tengu restaurant to meet Patti and Xander for a wrap-up lunch. They are both excited to hear each other's experiences. Then Patti arrives and sits down with them. She tells Joseph that she had called both Meredith and Joanne and other than the fact that Joanne had been untruthful when answering the question, "Would you have a problem dating a man who was only 5'8", Joseph had done well and wished him luck and encouragement on his search. Patti then proceeded to analyze Xander and tell him he might want to alter his approach slightly.

Well that was my week in reality TV. I would have to say it was a great experience, but thank God it was only one week. I cannot imagine doing a two month show! I am now in L.A. full-time and looking forward to meeting my soul mate. I know she's out there somewhere!

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