Top Notch

Top Notch

Kevin shares his 'Matchmaker' experience!



The Bravo Team is fantastic and the Producers and Crew on the The Millionaire Matchmaker are truly amazing. As a Producer myself I can appreciate a team of talented people that operate as efficiently and professionally as they do every day. Tamara Craig Thomas, Tony Cabalu, Frank Garrity and Sara O'Neil were four people that really stood out for me – I hope to have the opportunity to work with all of them again. I was fortunate to have had the invitation to have lunch with the crew one day while we were filming the spa and dinner date at the Saint Regis Resort and they treated me as one of their own. The entire experience and every person I met during filming was top notch and I am deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a successful show.

I am not here to shamelessly plug my Production Company Red Sky Media ( ...opps, I guess I just did. I am here simply to ensure that the traditional roles and values of men and women remain intact. I don’t need a woman to talk sports or cars with me, smoke a cigar with me, chug a beer with me, or to have more guy friends than I do. I want a woman that has long hair, painted nails, smells like lilacs and giggles at my stupid jokes. A woman who is intelligent, confident, and worldly with an opinion while still being completely feminine. I have a ton of guy friends already and don’t need another one that does not have a penis. Men are no better than women (there I said it, happy?) they are simply two different creatures and the larger the gap between the genders the stronger the attraction.

My experience with Patti was absolutely memorable. Although she seems to be emotionally unstable and highly opinionated, I respect her and am thankful she assisted me in my search for the woman of my dreams. Patti is exceptional at her job and truly does have an uncanny sense for people that fit together. I remain friends with Jamie, Justin and Kate. Jamie and her sweet, big, beautiful brown eyes definitely have a way of making me weak in the knees. Jamie is extremely ambitious and has strong family values. She is completely self-sufficient and does not need or ask for anything from a man. Justin is the type of guy who would do anything for his friends. I love his free-spirit playful lovable nature and he radiates a positive energy. He views the world through optimistic eyes. We have had some adventures together since meeting on the show and I will be friends with the crazy Canadian for a long time to come. Kate is just so freaking cute. Everything she says and does makes you just want to grab her and give her a big hug and kiss. She is so naturally pretty that I just stare at her face sometimes not listening to a word she is saying and think to myself, "Wow, she is so pretty."

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