The People's Poll: Stephen Colbert or 'The Mentalist'?

The People's Poll: Stephen Colbert or 'The Mentalist'?

In honor of the 'Late Show' premiere, vote in the epic TV battle between new host Stephen Colbert and 'The Mentalist.'

By Rachael Roberts

If there's one thing The People's Couch loves, it's television. So naturally we were poised with our remotes at the ready last night as Stephen Colbert officially took the helm of CBS' The Late Show. From overdosing on Donald Trump/Trump-banned Oreos to welcoming George Clooney and Jeb(!) Bush to his sound stage, Colbert took the night by the demonic amulet horns. But as the host was fast to point out, the network could pull the show at any moment in favor of what has been airing in Late Night's stead - The Mentalist. So this got us thinking - would you pull that lever or continue to let Colbert fly like the mighty bald eagle that soars in his heart? Take a look at the clip below and let the CBS execs know what side of that Late Show/Mentalist switch you stand. 

TV lovers, don't forget to tune in to the Season 3 Premiere of The People's Couch on Tuesday October 6th at 10/9c for the return of the funniest night in television! 


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