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Dream Come True

Brad Goreski reflects on his first days in Team Zoe.


Getting the job with Rachel was dream come true for me. I had only been at Vogue for three months when Rachel called me to ask if I was interested in working for her. I had met Rachel the year before at a Chanel dinner and I emailed her every month for an entire year to check to see if she had any jobs available, so when she finally asked me, I took the job right away. The show started filming at the same time I started working for Rachel.

I had met Taylor at my interviews and such, but I didn't really know anything about her, I just kind of thought that it would be nice to work with someone who was familiar with Rachel and the job who could train me. And let's face it - it's much more fun to have someone to talk to throughout the day. I am a little chatty - I like to talk things through, bounce ideas off of people and keep things fun - it just makes the days more enjoyable. I knew that this quality of mine might be problematic when I complimented Taylor on her scarf and she told me to keep the chatter to a minimum. I thought, "uh oh, I'm in trouble," but continued on with the day because we had to begin preparing a fitting with Joy Bryant for the "Art of Elysium" event.

Joy was so nice and looked great in everything, but Rachel was still not settled on the options and wanted us to get more dresses for her. When Rachel told me that she was taking me to New York to Michael Kors showroom I almost passed out. I couldn't believe that so early on I was going to meet Michael Kors. I have loved Mr. Kors clothes for such a long time. His cashmere items are my favorite. I do not get on an airplane without my Michael Kors black cashmere hoodie. It's THE perfect travel sweater. Not to mention his camel colored cable knit cashmere hoodie from Spring/Summer 08. Heavenly! I could barely sleep because I couldn't decide what I was going to wear, so I opted for my YSL wide leg flannel trousers, purple cashmere Ralph Lauren sweater and white shirt and my fave bowtie I got in London.

We had so much fun looking at sketches and talking about gowns for Joy with Michael. My stomach hurt from laughing so much after we left. When I got back home to LA, things with Taylor got worse. For an entire day she did not speak to me. My instinct was correct that my chatting would get to her, so she asked that for an entire day we not speak. This was hard for me because I was still trying to figure out what to do, how she liked to work (besides quietly) and whether or not I had a good grasp on what Rachel was looking for. I thought I would let it go as someone having a bad day, but when she came into the studio and deemed it a "disaster," I thought I would express to her what I needed. I was definitely thrown off by the way she spoke to me and realized that I would have to ask Rachel to speak to her. I really was trying my best, but was completely lost because I thought what I was doing was correct - however, in the end, that was not the case. Rachel was extremely understanding and whatever she said to Taylor worked, because from that point on Taylor began telling me what to do or how to do things better and we began working together - and I got to talk a little bit more. Well, at least we were speaking to each other.

When the red Zac Posen dress came in, I knew that it was the dress that Joy was going to wear - it was the perfect color, fit, and had just the right amount of drama for the event. I felt like it would be a great fashion moment for her. So when we showed it to Rachel and she loved it, I knew I was on the right track.

Joy looked amazing in the dress - the combination of the Zac and the Cartier jewels was amazing. In the end it was a success and Taylor and I began to work together, but let's just say that that didn't last for long. I hope you are enjoying the show so far, but let me just tell you that it only gets crazier from here. xx BG

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