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Always Manic

Taylor Jacobson explains why it was a nightmare showing Brad Goreski the ropes.

By Taylor Jacobson
rz_blogs_101_taylor.jpg How did you get involved with Rachel? How did you get into style and fashion?

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Taylor: Before Rachel I worked with other celebrity stylists and then by word of mouth I heard of her and she heard of me, and I kind of just harassed her until she hired me. We hit it off and three years later, I'm still here.

Do you aspire to be a stylist?

No. No. I hate stylists. No, I don't know exactly what I want be. I do love fashion, but I don't but I don't love the nitty-gritty of being a stylist and constantly catering to other people. I don't really know what I aspire to be yet.

What is working with Rachel like? What does your day to day entail?

It's never the same. It's always very manic - hurry up, go, go, go - and then there's a lull. It depends what project we're working on. That kind of dictates the feeling, but we always stay at a continuous pace. It's always kind of a little crazy around here.

Rachel said that you keep her focused. Is that difficult?

She has ADD and her head's all over the place. So, yes, it's very difficult.

In the first episode Brad joins camp Zoe and you guys didn't exactly hit it off right away. What was that like?

It was a nightmare. It wasn't exactly an ideal situation, but I don't think I necessarily handled it as well as I could have. I should have been more understanding and compassionate towards a new employee. Now we adore each other, I really do like Brad now, it just was very difficult because I work in a particular way and I really don't have patience. With awards season and Rachel constantly being ADD it was very difficult for me to take the time to show Brad the ropes, which I should have done. It wasn't a pleasant situation, as you can see from us yelling and quitting throughout the episodes.

Did you ever have anyone else helping you or was it always just you?

We always had interns and we had a girl named Ashley help us and you'll see that in later episodes. I wanted her to replace Brad. I won't give too much away though.

You're dressing Joy Bryant in this episode, one of Rachel's main clients. When you're calling different designers and asking for looks what do you say to explain what you want for each person you're dressing?

We kind of give a synopsis of their personal style, what we know. Joy is always chic, but a little more fashion forward. She's more willing to take risks, she loves colors, she wants to wear something long, but not over the top. We kind of just fine tune a request.

Rachel starts to branch out with her own brand in this episode. She sits down with you and Rodger and tells you that she's expanding. What was your reaction to that?

I think it's great. I support Rachel in all her endeavors and I really do admire her and I hope she does continue to brand herself, because in the long run that means I could segue into that part of the business and get away from the styling and the stuff that I do now. I think it's a great opportunity and I think it could be really good and beneficial for everyone.

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