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Fashion Weak

Taylor explains why there's little to love about Fashion Week and the Oscars.

By Taylor Jacobson


How to Watch

Catch up on The Rachel Zoe Project on the Bravo App. What do you like about Fashion Week?

Ugh god, I HATE fashion week.

Well if you had to pick one thing you like about it, what would it be?

There's a really great buzz and excitement that runs throughout New York City, especially during Fashion Week, and that's always fun. Ugh, I'm so lame.

So what don't you like about Fashion Week?

That coincidentally we always have 17 jobs going on during Fashion Week. We're really busy.

Do you like New York?

I love New York very much. I just was not happy with the situation I was dealing with when I was in New York. But I love New York; I'm coming tomorrow for Fashion Week.

So about the "situation," you were pulling clothes for Jen Garner's InStyle shoot, and ultimately found out the work was a waste of time. What happened?

There was just a miscommunication between Rachel and myself about the particulars of that job. So I didn't need to do all that work, because the shoot was more about beauty than clothes.

Do you and Rachel often have miscommunications?

Uh well, Rachel and I work on our communication every day.

How do you usually prep for a shoot?

Basically I get the breakdown of what the job is, the concept of the job, and then depending on the nature of the job, like if it's a photo shoot, if it's an ad campaign, if there's a budget, I'll go to the stores, I'll do store pulls, I'll call samples in from New York and Europe, I'll do showroom appointments and so on.

If you weren't working in fashion what would you be doing?

Saving the world.

We asked you that question last year and got the same answer.

Yep you asked me that question, and I always answer the same! I'd be saving the world.

New answer! Legitimately, if you had to choose another job, what would it be?

Saving the world! A lawyer! A doctor! A rapper. I would be a rapper.

If someone asked you for advice on how to pursue a career in fashion, what would you tell them?

Try to get an internship at a fashion magazine. Contact agencies that represent people that you admire, or design houses your admire. Send out your resume. Write a good cover letter.

So Brad gets to go to the Oscars to help dress Anne ... were you jealous he got to go?

No, it sounds like a big f*uckin' nightmare.


Why would I want to go to the Academy Awards?


You want to go to the Staples center, or whatever venue, with so much security and so many people with chips on the shoulder? Sounds like the worst idea possible.

So you weren't jealous at all?

I'm not a jealous person by any means. I could care less about a lot of things.

Just to recap what we've learned today: You want to be a rapper. You rather die than go to the Oscars. And you love New York.


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