Ask, Believe, Receive

Ask, Believe, Receive

Kim talks about her emotional recording session and her party foul (or fall.)

Let’s break out the water works this week, eh? The two times that I cried this year happened to make it into one episode. That’s OK - the first with Kandi was purely emotional.

Most people who actually know me know that I am a huge believer in the teachings of The Secret. The basic tenets of the secret are ASK, BELIEVE, and RECEIVE. I’ve always been a girl with lofty dreams ... BIG dreams. I don’t have any limits in my life. So when I said that I wanted to make a song, it was me asking the universe for it. I tried last year and was COMPLETELY broken down, embarrassed and humiliated by what ran.

Can you imagine a dream of yours going down the toilet like that? And then I met Kandi and spoke with her a few times about BELIEVING in myself and learning that I didn’t have to be Whitney Houston to make a record, all I had to do was be open to RECEIVING the blessing. When I heard the play back and realized that I wasn’t the WORST SINGER alive, I got emotional. It was one of the hardest things for ME to walk back into the studio, and I can honestly say I am proud I did it!!! I really did!!! It was so emotional and a true milestone for me.

People have made fun of me all year long and some people still do and that’s fine. I have my song; I accomplished a goal that I set for myself. It inspires me to set larger goals because I know I can do it.

Now let’s talk about me falling at the party. First let me tell you, I had a reading two weeks before the fall and her exact words were, "Kim be careful in heels I see you tripping and falling." Crazy huh? Now back to the story – imagine yourself at a party with over 300 people and you fall and bite the dust and you just knew you were the cutest thing walking! :) You’re going to get up and dust yourself off and say you’re fine because you don’t want anyone to see you sweat. And then the pain starts to set in. It’s like being in a car accident and being fine on the scene but getting home, letting the shock wear off and now you’re in PAIN and need a neck brace – it happens all the time. Not to mention, I injured my ankle further when I tried to get out of the car to view my alter ego photo after I fell. You didn’t get to see that. So that’s why I was moaning and in such pain at one point.

NeNe seems to forget how she treats people. She came to my house and made an ass out of me and she made fun of my singing in the limo last year, yet she can’t wait to sing a song with me? Those things were some of the things going through my head at the studio. It was hard for me personally to walk through those doors and record, and after I did it, I just had to call my best friend Cori just to share with her how hard yet rewarding it was. Cori has always been so supportive. No one has walked a mile in my shoes, and no one will truly understand what a triumph that first day back in the studio was for me. I want to thank Kandi for her support, encouragement, and reinforcement. I truly will be forever grateful for the life changing experience that it was.

Everyone seems to be upset about the dress that I wore to the studio. I had a meeting with a matchmaker (the footage is below) before I went to the studio and Kandi and I live SO far away from each other that I wasn’t going home to change. I love that dress. It makes me feel like the princess. I don’t dress for other people - I dress for myself. Though I must admit, sundresses are my favorite

"Tardy For The Party" IS on iTunes RIGHT NOW and is currently at #3 on Top Dance Tracks Chart. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the song! I’ll be back here next week to chat with you all. ;)

Kim Z

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