Know Your Limits

Know Your Limits

Kim gets a kick out of NeNe and Lisa's "shopping spree," and talks about her singing career.

I have to admit that last week’s show was a little boring to me. It was! Sorry!!! ALTHOUGH I did feel bad for Lisa - I can't imagine losing my brother. Thankfully, death is not something that I have had to deal with much. My heart went out to her.

NeNe and Lisa went to LA and were walking around Beverly Hills with all of those EMPTY bags! LOL! Was it just me or did you notice that those bags looked really light when they were running across the street? They weren’t heavy at all! Maybe they bought a keychain in every store. Ha! I rolled my eyes when they talked about me “shopping” in LA. If I had gone on the trip I would have shown their asses how to SHOP! I don’t walk around with a whole bunch of bags because I have it SHIPPED to my house! Who has time to be packing all of that back at the hotel and trying to cram it in their suitcase???

Do better next time girls!!!

Lisa, real classy yet again. Maybe I "grew up in a trailer park?" What the hell is wrong with that? I didn't, but if I did I can assure you I would still be the same person!!! Thanks Mom and Dad! Trailer park, condo, townhouse (NeNe, I love my townhouse even though you're amused by the fact it's joined to another townhouse) I own it girl, and that is all that matters to me. My kids and I love our home. FYI: I live within my means.

Now let’s get to good part: Sheree, her desire to ride in a Maybach, and her journey to find models that look like Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum. HILARIOUS! Did you see how serious she was about making sure she rode in a Maybach and everybody looked at her as if she had three heads?! LOL! Get a grip. Love yourself, but know your limits GIRL!

You also got to see me hang out with Kandi for the first time. She has been really supportive and cool from day one. She has really helped me work on my insecurities about singing. Kandi stressed to me that you don’t have to be Whitney Houston to make music. A lot of people with a range of styles and vocal tones make all kinds of music for all sorts of audiences. I’ll be forever grateful for that. And I don’t give a damn what anybody says - my song is HOT! That’s right, I said it! It will be available Thursday, September 3rd on iTunes. I am so excited.

PS: For those of you who wonder why I ordered a bottle of wine at dinner with Kandi, it’s because I don’t like ordering glasses from bottles that have been open all day with God only knows floating around in it! I want to see you open the bottle with my own two eyes. When I leave, they cork back up, put it in a bag and I throw it in my trunk to be enjoyed at a later date.

Kim Z.

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