Obessed Much?

Obessed Much?

Did Kim make out post-fight? She responds to allegations, and wonders why Lisa and Sheree can't stop gossiping.


Well … it looks like we’ll have to start this thing off by cleaning up the dirt first. The “Lost Footage” is an absolute joke. How many people do you know who would get into a huge fight in a restaurant that spills out onto the street, who would get their hair pulled and lose their braclet, who would then walk down the street and MAKE OUT with someone? That makes a whole lot of sense. Seriously, I need for people to put their THINKING CAPS on!

This was the first time I had an altercation with these ladies that escalated so quickly and it shocked me to the point of no return. I had plans to meet with Mike Lohan and one of the owners of “Smoking Everywhere” after my dinner with the ladies to discuss a possible endorsement of the new product. After the fiasco, I was unable to utter a WORD. Both of the guys were just trying to get me to open my eyes and stop crying. I was absolutely devastated. So “making out” was the last thing that was going on at that time.

Now on to this week’s episode that began with Lisa and Ed in the gym ... I don’t even remember what they were talking about, but I can imagine Ed as the sixth Housewife and maybe he and Sheree will both sign with a new football team next season.

Speaking of Lisa and Sheree, why have they spent the first few episodes talking about me and calling me a liar when I haven’t talked to EITHER of them since we filmed the reunion show? No calls, texts or emails about ANYTHING, but they claim that I have called them to gossip. Why are they all so OBSESSED with me? It’s starting to freak me out.

The King Tut exhibit turned out to be a lot cooler than I expected. I had a really good time while some of the other “wives” whispered behind my back, laughed and giggled. If they spent as much time on their “businesses” and “clothing lines” as they did talking about me, they MIGHT actually be able to make a dollar or two. And if anyone ever came over my house regularly, they’d see that I always have a house full of kids because my two girls are social butterflies and invite the entire neighborhood over on a daily basis. So it didn’t surprise me when they gathered up ALL of the kids at King Tut and brought them with us to experience the exhibit. I’m used to it … doesn’t bother me at all. I love kids.

I booted my nanny on the show. Thank Goodness for Cori because I was 45 minutes away from home and the thought of my kids being home alone was so scary. Cori, who lives 2 minutes from me, immediately drove to my house, sent the nanny home and watched my girls until I got there! THANK YOU CORI. The nanny was had only been working for five days and the things that you saw on the show were just a FRACTION of her reckless behavior. I have no room for error when it comes to the person caring for my children. None whatsoever.

Until next week,
Kim Z.

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