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Kats And Dawgs

Richard Blais has some words for the wives, and his take on guacamole.

By Richard Blais

By far the most entertaining episode yet.

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I've been amused all the way through, but this one left my jaw dropped. K- A-T... I thought I heard it, so I played it again. And then again. I looked for a smile to see if it was a joke. Sly wit? No way. Kim spelled cat wrong.

A new low for the RH series.

NeNe dealing with the math problem. Stumped... syntax error. I could smell the burning wire as much as I can imagine what Kim smells like (expensive perfume, cigarettes, and leather). I won't be putting those things in my little smoker!

BTW, off topic, Florida beat the bejesus out of the Georgia Bulldogs this week. =Go Gators!

As a guy, there were a few moments tonight where you could feel the embarrassment from the husbands. Sideways looks, nudges under the table, rubbing of the temples. All in all, my wife and I realized that the husbands of the Real Housewives always come off pretty well. All of them, in all the editions. OK, maybe Simon in NY came across a little bit too much as "one of the girls." However, the guys seem to know how to handle themselves on the television screen. Supportive, sympathetic, and silent!

The scene at Rosa Mexicano, besides the KAT incident, revealed (to everyone's surprise) that Kim registers an absolute zero, maybe even a negative number on the food knowledge scale. I felt bad for avocados everywhere as Kim designated them as garbage. I, personally, don't discriminate when it comes to flavor. Kim hates avocados. Although I'm sure she doesn't know that guacamole contains avocados. She cussed through the table side preparation as if personally insulted. She describes it as an experience in itself.

It was an absolute intriguing experience for me. Anytime a chef can be a fly on the wall with the diner, it's like game film.

For the record, the guacamole at Rosa Mexicano is fantastic. I mean, really, really good. And the fact that they make it in front of you, in a "rock", makes it that much better.

Watching Kim sing is like waiting for someone to get pulled off the stage at the Apollo. I could never keep my eyes open for it. It's like watching someone getting whacked in a horror film. You know it's coming, but you can't watch.

NeNe has officially lost her mind. it certainly comes off like she's a bit vindictive and it seems like she's the one doing the manipulating. The joke is becoming her.

I felt bad for Kim and NeNe in this episode. There's no way they can actually be like the characters on the screen, is there? The others are becoming increasingly clumped together.

Deshawn's just floating by -- when they start to show her, I get snacks now, and Lisa is just too smart to get sucked up into the drama.

Sheree, for me, is making a huge comeback on the likability meter. She's more than just a pretty face. Her relationship with Kim seems to be forced, mostly from Kim's side, and I'd say she's being pretty politically savvy (it is election day, for the record, and I voted for Obama).

I think I like Sheree now. There, I said it. I think it swung during the shot of Sheree's face when Kim spelled cat with a K. It was more than priceless. It was almost as if she thought she was getting Punk'd. As if, maybe the whole series was fake and it was just set up for that one moment.

From the local scene, three restaurants came into play this week. Rosa's, which I mentioned is a very good Mexican place with it's original outlet in New York City. They serve great green garbage made with stones... i.e. guacamole.

The brazilian steak house - never heard of it.

And there was a shot in front of Souper Jenny. They sell, wait for it, soup. It's a great idea, a great name, and I've had great soup there

. If you're on the Island of Jamaica, check me out this weekend as I do some demonstrations for Kingston's Restaurant Week.

And as always, keep up with me on

And, the recipe today has to be guacamole:

avocados, 12 each

tomato, 2 each

chilies, red jalapenos, 1 minced, or 2 if you want it a bit more spicy

red onion, 1 small one minced and run under hot water lime juice,

3 limes juiced great olive oil,

a few bottle caps smoked sea salt,

a few good pinches cumin fresh ground, 2 tbl coriander fresh ground,

2.5 tbl cilantro fresh stems and all, 1 full cup chopped

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