Kim talks Kandi Koated Nights and Brielle's purity ring. 


How did you guys like this SUPERSIZED episode? Well there are a lot of things for me to talk about, so here I go.

Kandi Koated Nights is Kandi's weekly show where she talks about sex, sex, and more sex. I stand by my comment that she's obsessed with talking about it. I mean come on, who needs to talk about it to THOUSANDS on a WEEKLY basis? Well, she brought up our "Freak Number." So after we all said what we thought our number was, NeNe said she was a three. Seriously, NeNe? A three? Like I said, Nene is probably a 43. Never mind. Scratch that. She's probably 433. I mean you all saw the Alter Ego photo shoots last season right? POINT PROVEN. She's fooling N-O-B-O-D-Y. Kandi's show was pretty much... disgusting. It was a bit uncomfortable talking about those things. PISSING ON SOMEONE? No, Kandi. NO WATER SPORTS HERE! Gross! Oh and don't let me get started on that stripper... never mind. I won't!

The next day I called NeNe over to my house for some wine and girl talk. NeNe always keeps me laughing, but it made me furious to hear that, "The jury is still out" as to how my girls will end up when they're older. Hasn't her son been to prison? Sorry, Boo, but the JURY HAS SPOKEN! My girls will be fine. 

NeNe brought up Tracy and said she didn't think it was a real relationship. Well it was! For the 900th time! It did make me laugh when NeNe said, "If it was good once, I bet you went back twice, girl. Tell me the truth." She's hilarious.

Speaking of SEX! Brielle came to me saying she wanted a promise ring symbolizing her vow to be celibate. That was really special to me. I had Brielle young, and I tried to instill in my daughters that they didn't need to have sex with a guy because he asked and they felt pressured. She told me she would wait until eighteen, and it still seemed a little young for me but the fact that she was commited says A LOT. The ring was stunning, and I am so proud of my angel. 

When I saw the footage of Kandi in the studio talking about me, I mean, after eight episodes of this I wasn't really surprised. What would surprise me is if she ever said it directly to me! IT WOULD BE SHOCKING!  

When she played the song for me in her car, I loved it! She did change it up for me because, lets be real, I am not vocally capable of hitting high a-- Mariah Carey notes. It's not in my range. Before I listened to the song I invited Kandi, Ms. Joyce, Riley and her aunt over my parent's house for dinner. It was a really nice time for us all to bond together, but I had to tell Kandi about the radio call Gregg did. 

Now I don't know if he knew he was being recorded but off the bat, but Kandi and I were shocked. It didn't sound like something Gregg would PUBLICLY say on a radio call, but we knew Nene had to be DEVASTATED! I am really rooting for Gregg and NeNe to work it out. Divorce is HARD, and it takes a lot out of you. I wish them both the best.

Congratulations to Phaedra on having such a cute baby boy! He is adorable. I will be in her spot in six months. I would ask her for baby tips but, I do have two girls already and I don't think she has many tips to give (If you know what I mean).

Well until next week.




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