The Ladies on the Bus Go Back and Forth

The Ladies on the Bus Go Back and Forth's Assistant Editor selects the top three moments of Episode 14.

Although the Golden Globes may have been on last night, the true Atlanta lovers were rewarded with an episode that delivered some of the saddest, scariest, and sweetest moments of the season in one peach-packed punch. Let us embark upon this highly Ramotional rollercoaster ride together, shall we?

This week's saddest moment claims the No. 3 spot – Cynthia and Peter's wedding worries. I don’t think I could imagine anything more daunting (or more time consuming) than the prospect of having to go back and un-plan a wedding. I’ve seen enough episodes of 'Bridezillas' to know the physical and emotional cost that goes into the whole process, and let me tell you, it’s not pretty.

When Peter told Cynthia about Uptown's closing, I think she had a right to be upset. I'm not quite sure what Peter expected her reaction to be when he broke the news… "Oh OK, so we’ve lost our main source of income. How do you feel about releasing live doves at the ceremony?" I mean come on! And call me crazy, but his resolution to just not tell her anything anymore doesn't exactly seem like the best solution for soon to be newlyweds. But in Cynthia's blog, she says that they still love one another and are working through their issues. I suppose we’ll just have to keep watching to see if this wedding actually happens.

No. 2 goes to the horrific Kim and NeNe blowout (Yes, scarier than Helena Bonham Carter's outfit). Where to begin with this… I'm mostly sad that they're no longer friends! Honestly it's more amusing when they get along. Exhibit A:

I'm thinking that close quarters and Housewives are just a terrible combination, especially for Kim and NeNe given their longstanding frenemy status. But alas, the floodgates were opened and a season's worth of pent-up frustrations were released. I do have to tip my hat to those ladies, nobody brings a drama packed throwdown quite like they do. Relive the train-wreck (or should I say bus-wreck) and share whose side you’re on in the comments.

(P.S. if I were driver Danny, I would have been driving that bus like Sandra Bullock in 'Speed' until I reached Miami.)

And finally, the No. 1 moment goes to the adorable Riley! There's really not much to say about this scene other than AWWW! Riley manages to be sassy ("All my clothes are cute!") and supremely saccharine ("Because they were bought by a fantastic and cute mom.") in one fell swoop. I'll bet someone earned a shopping spree for some more "cute" clothes after that one. And in an episode that was really kind of a downer, this was a brief but welcome breath of adorable air.

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