A Hole Lot to Say

A Hole Lot to Say

Marlo explains her reaction to Kim's comments.

By Marlo Hampton

You can tell it had been bothering me. That comment about the "hole." It was so rude, so condescending. And until now, I had not had the opportunity to speak on it. So when I finally could, I did, and it was a relief.

The thing is, I couldn't understand that of all people the judgment would come from her. You were a mistress and you have children by three different fathers. Let me be very CLEAR so that we can all stay completely focused -- this has nothing to do with the children, they are precious and innocents in all this. This has to do with character. I do not feel that this character is in any position to speak about me and definitely not in that way. I do not fight on Twitter making nasty comments about people, and then try to hide by not using their handle. When Marlo has something to say, she will tell you directly. And sometimes direct talk can sting...

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