Small Issues

Small Issues

Cynthia doesn't think her comments about Marlo were a big deal at all.

I like Marlo. We are very cool, but we are not close. The most time we have spent together was in South Africa. Any time we spent together has been through NeNe. The two of them have become great friends and really connected. I am cool with all the girls (most of the time), but NeNe is the only one I talk to on a regular basis. I really don't have a problem with Marlo, and like I said, personality wise, we are different.

Marlo loves fashion, and it seems to be a big part of who she is. I love fashion as well, but outside of my fashion school, fashion is not a big priority in my personal life. I really don't have an interest in talking about clothes, shoes, and bags all day long with Marlo (or Karl Lagerfeld himself for that matter).

I have no problem repeating any of the comments that I made regarding Marlo to NeNe (or Marlo) while on safari with the Smalls. I honestly didn't think my comments about Marlo were a big deal. So what, I said that we have two different personalities and I don't care to talk about fashion all day. That's how I feel. What's wrong with that? If I had felt like it was necessary to discuss this with NeNe at the table, I would have. NeNe knows exactly how I feel about Marlo, so what else did I need to say. These ladies have had plenty to say about Marlo, so my two cents seemed "small" in comparison.

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Who's the Boss?
I have never questioned where Marlo gets her money, her criminal past, or this 80-year-old sugar daddy the Smalls seem to be so interested in talking about. I don't care how any of the girls get the money to support their lavish lives, because it is none of my business. I absolutely do not have anything to prove to anyone, and I don't wear anything on my sleeve. I don't feel like material things validate me in any way. My history and career speak for themselves. With my new business, expensive designer shopping sprees are far and few between. Thank goodness my best friend, Kithe Brewster, is a stylist and helps keep me together.

Without question, Marlo rocks the hottest and latest fashions in this group! No one can touch her. While we may have a piece here and there, she is the walking (and talking) Gucci ad! I think she even gets a lot of her looks straight off the runway. Fabulous! If you see me with an expensive designer look straight off the runway, please believe it came straight from a NY showroom and I'm wearing it for free. I have a family and a business to support. I can't afford it, and make it a point NOT to act like I can. Marlo bleeds fashion, and I bleed The Bailey Agency School of Fashion!

Next, I said I couldn't PICTURE Kim in Africa at the orphanage holding African kids. I also said, "I'm not saying she WOULDN'T do it, I just can't see it." That's just my opinion, like it was her opinion that my marriage wouldn't last a year. Kim and I are not exactly best buds, we don't owe each other anything. I really don't care what Kim thinks about me, and I know she that she doesn't care what I think about her. Hello! I'm not her girl, Kandi is. So understandably Kim was not a happy camper when Kandi said her comments on the safari. I thought we were just having "small" talk. I could barely remember exactly what either of us had said by the time Sheree called to drop dime. So stupid! All of these girls have said all kinds of crap about each other, pulled wigs, produced free songs, and they still kiss and makeup. However I was a bit surprised that Kandi said anything that might piss Kim off, because I know they are best buds and go on vacations together. Anyway, I'm sure apologies have been made by now, and they have made up. I don't think Kim is a racist.

Kandi Said What?

Kandi made it a point to say that she can see why people say I follow NeNe and have no mind of mind of my own. So I have managed by some miracle (without the help of NeNe) to have great success my whole life, have an amazing modeling career, start my own business, and get myself on the same reality TV show as the rest of the bosses, but I have no mind of my own. Come on now! We are all bosses, some of us are just bigger bosses than others. I work hard every day for mine, same as you. You are a big boss for sure, and I applaud your entrepreneurial triumphs. Your successes are very impressive. Congratulations on it all! I have my own opinions same as you, and am far from being easily influenced. I say what I want to say, when I want to say it. I put myself in the drama when I want to, and I stay out of the drama when I want to. I follow NeNe on Twitter, and that's about it.

Lots of Love,

Cynthia Bailey
Twitter: cynthiabailey10
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