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Cynthia's a "Glam-Aunt"

Cynthia congratulates Bryson, NeNe, and Phaedra.

By Cynthia Bailey

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

Let's get to it, but first let me play catch-up! It's been a while since my last blog.

Bye Bye Anguilla!

I love Anguilla and already miss the island! Peter and I got a chance to relax and spend some quality time together. I think all the couples (well, almost all) had a nice time as well and really appreciated us setting up the trip. Although we had our fair share of drama, I do feel like some of us got a chance to bond with each other. I personally always enjoy a good girls’ trip, but I have to say that I was excited that our men came along as well. We are all very busy running our empires (however big or small LOL!), and a little "fun in the sun getaway" is great for any relationship. It was awesome to see everyone so relaxed and happy. Thanks again you guys for making this such a memorable trip!

NeNe and Kandi - The Talk!

Let me be the first to say how happy I was for NeNe and Kandi to sit down like grown women and discuss their issues with each other. I have spent time with both of these ladies, and I really never understood exactly why they had an issue with each other. I wasn't trying to be messy by telling NeNe how Kandi felt. I wanted her to know, because I hoped it would actually prompt NeNe to sit down with Kandi and talk it out. That's exactly what happened! I was clear with NeNe that Kandi did not say any of this in a mean spirited way, but these were Kandi's feelings. I thought their conversation was fun, to the point, and productive. I was excited to see them squash it and move on!Kenya - The Book You Have No Idea!

Although I didn't invite Kenya to Anguilla (she invited herself and Kandi co-signed for her), I made every effort to be cordial to her. I even gave her a pass when I found out that she "backed that thang up" all over Peter’s genitalia! LOL!  I was also genuinely excited to see that Peter invited Kenya and all of the couples to the vow renewal. I honestly felt like Kenya was happy for me, and she also seemed touched by the ceremony. Rewind. Clearly we got off on the wrong foot at the JET casting, and I honestly thought that I had seen the last of her until Kandi invited her to our brunch. Once it became clear to me that she had befriended some of the other ladies, I knew that we would occasionally bump into each other. Just because Kenya and I didn't hit it off in the beginning didn't mean that I was closed to some kind of reconciliation down the road when the time was right.

When Kenya gave me the book by Vanessa Williams at the beach, I was a little surprised! I was still on cloud nine after the vow renewal and honestly thought that we were in a good place at this point. BFFs no, cool yes! As soon as Kenya gave me my book/gift, I knew immediately that it was not with kind intentions. It was basically an attempt to "read" me and embarrass me in front of everyone, because of the Miss America comment I made at the Let Your Success Flow party. Here's the good news: I love books and always consider them to be great gifts. I live for a good read! However, since I had already chatted with Vanessa Williams personally about my upcoming pageant, the book did not prove to be very useful. I guess even in this situation, it's the thought that counts! Now the bad news: no one at the table really cared or entertained Kenya's "mean girl moment," and once again she failed get the attention she seems to so desperately want.

BTW "Beyonce," had I known that you were going to gift me a book on the trip, I would have returned the favor. Have you ever read He's Just Not That into You?NeNe Does Hollywood!

NeNe and I are friends. We love and support each other in all our endeavors as friends. I threw her a girls’ goodbye brunch because I am so proud of her. The ladies had a great time together, and everyone seemed genuinely happy for NeNe. I believe that my friend will do extremely well in Hollywood, because she is a smart, talented, and hardworking. NeNe sets goals for herself and works her butt off to accomplish them. I respect and admire that. NeNe has been there for me through thick and thin. I will always be there for my girl.

Tune in next week to RHOA at 8 PM on Bravo. I appreciate and love you guys!

A Donkey, Back End Problems, and a Move

Cynthia Bailey

Congratulations to Bryson! Bri’Asia is beautiful! I'm a Glam-Aunt!

Congratulations to NeNe and Gregg! Happy engagement (again)! LOL!

Congratulations to Phaedra and Apollo! Babies are always a blessing!

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