NeNe Leakes, Stripped - Ep 17

NeNe Leakes, Stripped - Ep 17's Associate Editor thinks only NeNe could pull off having a moving moment at a Vegas strip club.

By Andrew Herrmann

No. 1 - Burlesque vs. Stripping

There can be a fine line between a burlesque performance and a strip tease. Burlesque usually involves songs, more interesting costumes, maybe a dance routine, and possibly some nudity. Stripping involves some of that, just a little more down and dirty.

Now Porsha was OK with a little Christina Aguilera/Cher-style burlesque, but a strip club was not for her. So when the girls rolled up to the club, she was none to pleased at what she saw. Porsha accused Phaedra of misleading her about the fact that it was a strip club, and I can't help but wonder what would have happened if they had gotten her inside and then she realized it was a strip club. Would she have stayed or freaked out and left?

No. 2 - Peeing on Rabbits

Let's talk about Phaedra's Phoolproof Pregnancy Test -- according to Phaedra people used to give a rabbit a woman's urine to test if she's pregnant. If the rabbit dies, you're with child.

Now I hit the internet for answers. Wikipedia tells me that this was indeed a thing, but there was a common misconception that the rabbit just died if the urine was from a pregnant woman. Scientists had to check to see if the hormones affected the rabbit's ovaries (meaning the woman was pregnant), but to do so, the rabbit would die.

So listen up: don't go giving rabbit's your pee to test for pregnancy! Stick to the stick.
No. 1 - NeNe Leakes, Stripped

A colorful past makes for a colorful character, as NeNe Leakes has proved. She decided to go deep with the ladies at (of all places) a strip club, when she gave them a little back story about her initial courtship with Gregg. NeNe decided the best way to tell Gregg that she was a stripper was to have him come to the club and give him with a little performance. Surprise!

But NeNe turned it into a real and touching moment, explaining that she wasn't going to leave the club for Gregg until he put a ring on it. This mama had bills to pay (for her and her son)!

I also loved NeNe's description of marriage. I really think this should start being read at weddings:

"You're marriage is supposed to complement and enhance who you are. Like if you want to jump over the damn moon, your partner should support you jumping over the damn moon. Now they don't need to like it, but they just need to stand there and watch your ass jump over the damn moon, OK?"

Next week, things are about to get crazy at Kandi's housewarming when Walter shows up, much to Kenya's surprise.
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