A Note for Kandi

A Note for Kandi

Nene Leakes addresses Kim and Kandi's negative comments towards her.

Episode 2 went off with a bang! L.A. Pride: I was invited to be apart of Gay Pride to promote my new show The New Normal. The love and support I received was so overwhelming it brought me to tears! I simply love my gays!

There are a few ladies in this mix that voice their opinions and speak negative of others, but if you speak negatively of them, oh it's a problem! The Ladies Of Success Event was my party that I asked Cynthia to host for me. Cynthia wanted to celebrate my success, but I chose to celebrate all women. I feel like great things have happened for me, so why not invite them all? I've always enjoyed getting my girlfriends together but you can never have an event with these ladies and not have some negativity hunni  -- that's a given with this group. Nonetheless the event was beautiful and successful just like I wanted. For those that spoke negatively before, during, and after the event meant nothing to me! I have come full circle and I can't tell you how happy I feel. I can honestly say, I'm on a high, and it really feels good. Anything negative any of these girls have to say just doesn't faze me. Kim's intentions from the word go are never good! Kim and Sweetie are rude, negative, sad on the inside, and pretend to be happy on the outside , people that need to go sit down somewhere and find some happiness. They look like complete fools going places with their nose turned up being negative and always, always, always have an excuse. I extended the olive branch, and I'm moving on. No matter what people have said, I've always stayed true to me.

The negative things Kandi said before coming to my event: people who are intimidated by my future always bring up my past, but I never focus on who is against me because I have sooooo many people that are for me. If I stopped and focused on the negative, I could not be where I am today! I'm a tough girl, and I can take when shots are fired at me, but you better be able to take what I shoot back! Oh, here's a note for you Kandi: instead of being negative towards me, the person you really need to check has checked you so many times in so many ways even while standing in your house, but you can't see that right? It's just me, right? Righttttttt!

Until next time, stay fierce and fabulous!

Nene Leakes

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