Sheree: Kandi Calls It How She Sees It

Sheree: Kandi Calls It How She Sees It

Sheree Whitfield gives props to Kandi Burruss for being honest, and weighs in on the boat drama.

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Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams' Blowout How shocked were you by what went down between Porsha and Cynthia?
Sheree Whitfield: I was honestly taken aback for a minute. It’s so unfortunate that in this day and age these grown women took it this far on national TV for the world to continue to judge us. None of us are perfect, I get it! We all are a work in progress, and hopefully they will learn from this and learn to deal with conflict in a much better way. What did you think about Kandi calling out Kenya?
SW: Kandi does not hold back. She calls it out how she sees it. I respect her for that; and I respect anyone who voices their honest opinion, whether we want to hear it or not! Everyone needs a reality check sometimes to put things in perspective. Were you surprised Cynthia and Porsha were able to make up?
SW: Of course! It was the quickest makeup session I have ever seen, especially since there was an actual physical altercation. One can only be pushed so far before exploding. I do believe it could have been and should have been only with words though. However, the makeup, which seemed sincere on both parts, shows growth. I'm happy they were both mature enough to each accept their own responsibilities in the altercation, apologize, and move forward. Kudos to them both!

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Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams Apologize

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