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Porsha's Having a Baby:A Pilar is Born

S11/EP53 |
Aired: May 12, 2019
Days away from delivery, Dennis and Porsha are still at odds on where to live, what to name the baby and why his entire life is still in her basement. Meanwhile, the grandmas’ lunch goes off course leaving Porsha and Dennis to mediate. 43:24

Porsha's Having a Baby: Grandmother Dearest

S11/EP52 |
Aired: May 5, 2019
With only a few weeks before Baby PJ arrives, Porsha and Dennis need to get their lives and relationship on the same page. Between working to finish the nursery, finding a nanny and dealing with mothers-in-law’s, pressure is mounting from all sides. 43:23

Porsha's Having a Baby: P is for Princess

S11/EP51 |
Aired: April 28, 2019
Porsha is engaged to the love of her life and expecting her first child. Her fairytale ending is not without its share of drama however, and she and Dennis soon realize that they may be in over their heads. 43:24

Reunion Part 3

S11/EP23 |
Aired: April 21, 2019
The “Bye Wig” party saga continues and Marlo is accused of adding fuel to the fallout. The ladies discuss the drama surrounding Eva’s wedding party and her finances takes center stage. Tensions rise when Nene and Cynthia go head to head. 43:23

Reunion Part 2

S11/EP22 |
Aired: April 14, 2019
Nene is joined by husband Gregg and the two get candid about his cancer diagnosis and their marriage. Marlo and Tanya join the ladies and they all rehash the drama of their Destin and Tokyo trips. 43:24

Reunion Part 1

S11/EP21 |
Aired: April 7, 2019
A very pregnant and glowing Porsha relives the highlights of her relationship. Kandi becomes emotional as she updates the ladies on her surrogacy journey. Cynthia confronts Nene, while Porsha and Kandi address their on-again, off-again relationship. 43:24

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