Good Boy! Book Your Pooch at America's 8 Craziest Luxury Dog Hotels

Good Boy! Book Your Pooch at America's 8 Craziest Luxury Dog Hotels

Equal-opportunity jet setting.

Mad respect to those who jet set around the globe with their pooches. But alas sometimes it's not always possible to take your pampered pet on the road. When that happens, there's no way you'd consider a standard dog kennel — obviously. No, you need to book your pup at these eight dog hotels around the country that come with all the bells and whistles. You might have a hard time getting your buddy to come home after your trip!

1. Pooch Hotel

With several locations spanning California, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Texas, your dog can indulge in spa treatments and even turn-down service when staying at the Pooch Hotel.

2. Paradise Ranch

At Paradise Ranch in California, all the dogs are feeling those zen West Coast vibes. From a waterfall lagoon to doggy beach, dogs have plenty of time for swimming and lounging when not stretched out on a plush bed amid the air conditioning inside.

3. The Barkley Pet Hotel

At The Barkley Pet Hotel, the customer is always right... and the customer is the dog. Maid and linen service keeps the boarding area crisp and clean, while continual fresh water service ensures that your dog is never thirsty. Dogs staying at the hotel receive three potty walks per day, breakfast and dinner service, and even soothing music and television.

4. D Pet Hotel

The Uber Suites (and beds, for that matter) at D Pet Hotel seem like they would be pretty comfy for luxury-prone humans — but nope! They’re for dogs. The services range from a personal chef to dog chauffeur and grooming options like a pop of color in the hair or a splash of cologne. This place is seriously #richdogsofinstagram lavish.

5. Paw Print Inn

At Michigan’s Paw Print Inn, dog guests enjoy luxury beds before and after spa treatments like the blueberry facial scrub, bubble bath, and massage. Soothing music in climate-controlled private areas will help any dog staying here to unwind after a lively group play session.

6. Morris Animal Inn

When looking for a luxe dog boarding solution in New Jersey, look no further than the Morris Animal Inn. Soft lamb’s wool bedding comforts each dog to sleep at night while skylights, room service, maid service, and relaxing background tunes help to pamper each pup on the premises.

7. Sniff Dog Hotel

This Portland dog hotel is sleek: With options that range from a standard room all the way up to a penthouse, Sniff Dog Hotel is accessible at various levels. A la carte add-ons, like a bully stick treat or city walk, help owners to create whatever kind of experience they want for their dogs.

8. Luxe Pet Hotels

If you’d like for your dog to stay alongside actual dog celebrities in accurate celebrity style, Luxe Pet Hotels is the place for you. Here, your dog can stay in a Celebrity Suite or a High Roller suite, both of which come with a queen or king sized bed, a 42-inch TV, and 160 square feet to romp around. Beyond the room, the outdoor play and pool cabana area and the indoor air conditioned obstacle course are bound to keep your pup entertained and exercised.

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