We Finally Have Harry Hamlin's Thoughts on That Obnoxious Situation in His Backyard

We Finally Have Harry Hamlin's Thoughts on That Obnoxious Situation in His Backyard

Lisa Rinna's husband is airing his thoughts on the scandal currently rocking his “sanctuary.”

By Courtney Thompson
Lisa Rinna Harry Hamlin Backyard

If y’all have been waiting with bated breath for an update on the eyesore of an electrical pole in Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin’s backyard, the wait is officially over. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills designer posted an extensive update over the weekend, with Harry weighing in for the first time, too. Spoiler: This saga is far from over!

Teeing her husband up for an epic rant, Lisa posted a video of her Beverly Hills backyard — and that pole — to her Instagram Stories, asking, “Um, Harry, what are we going to do about this pole?”

And not surprisingly, Harry has a lot of thoughts about this situation. “Well, ya know, this pole is not only an eyesore to the entire community, all of our neighbors included, but also it’s a fire hazard because those transformers — if there was a fire here they would explode and it would only cause more fire and this thing actually goes down into the national forest down there,” he explained, adding that the poles were originally servicing a house down in the forest canyon, that actually burned down in 1968.

(Side note: The Beatles and The Rolling Stones both stayed at the now-burnt-down home!)

Cutting her husband’s historical’s diatribe short, Lisa said, “I want them gone, I want them to go underground, I don’t want them up because if they’re a fire hazard and that’s a national forest, then there are gonna be fires. Shouldn’t the power company come and take them down and put them underground so that the whole place doesn’t burn up?!”

Ever even-keeled, Harry reminded Lisa he’s been working on this issue for years. “Well, I got the OK to put them underground years ago from the department of water and power,” he explained. “While I’m in the process of getting them put underground, and while I was gone, this thing got put into our backyard and it IS not art. It’s got to be a lighting rod!”

Cue Lisa being the most Lisa version of herself, possibly ever. “That’s right, Harry Hamlin!” she yelled. “Lighting rods! Fire hazards! Eye sores! Just full on ugly, ugly, ugly!”

We totally feel for the Rinna-Hamlin household on this issue, and hope it gets resolved quickly… but until then, the couple’s reaction to the whole situation makes for some LOL-worthy social media posts (as do the gopher updates!). Keep the updates coming, Lisa!

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