Charging at an Inferno

Charging at an Inferno

Adrienne knew when to "use her legs" this week, since she "nose" when to retreat.

So this episode started off as a bust.

Just kidding. I'm referring of course to Paul's broken nose, courtesy of my apparently fierce four-year-old, Collin. The story is that Paul was wrestling with the boys, and Collin's foot made unfortunate contact with Paul's, well, face. Paul, being a plastic surgeon, was able to call in a favor from his colleague to have his nose repaired right away. I promise you, I was really trying not to laugh. I get that a broken nose is a serious thing. But watching my grown husband try and rationalize to me that my preschool son had done this deliberately was too much.

Speaking of too much, I still laughed watching Paul dramatizing his breathing struggles. What in the world was he doing there? It seemed like he was in a Lamaze class or something. He won't admit it, but Paul really did try and milk it for all it was worth. What is it with grown men and pouting when they are sick or injured?

So onto The Dinner: Yes, I'm capitalizing it, because it seems to deserve it, right?

I think that Camille really did intend to host a dinner where some hatchets could be buried, so to speak. Unfortunately, it ended up that some of the women felt that those hatchets were buried in their backs. The evening started off nicely, and it was a really lovely setting. I have to say that as soon as I took a sip of one of those drinks, I did worry a little about where the night might go. Two sips in, and I knew I had to be careful with them. I’m not much of a drinker to begin with and those things were strong! As you saw, the conversation at the dinner table quickly spun out of control. When you get a group of people together who are very passionate and headstrong, and who really believe in their side of the story, it's bound to become heated. As you can tell, with this group, no one is ever afraid of stating their opinion, or saying how they feel. In any case, what was I going to do? At that moment I was seriously considering putting everyone in a time out. But you can't approach a raging inferno head on with a bucket of water, you know? Sometimes it is just best to back away and re-approach with the some strategy and a plan.

I was disappointed that what could have been a very nice dinner was derailed by someone who wasn't part of the original disagreement between Camille and Kyle. I thought that it was out of place for Allison to defend Camille in the way that she did, and I didn't agree with her approach. I do wish that Camille had put a stop to it, because Allison's comments to Kyle were completely counterintuitive to the purpose of Camille's dinner. To see that the conversation continued after we left wasn't right to me, and I later thought about what I would have done had this dinner been at my house, with one guest of mine antagonizing another. It would have been my job to redirect that conversation or end the situation. When you saw me get up from the table, that was my version of realizing that I "had two legs," as Allison kept reminding us. There was no solution imminent, so it was time to get the heck out of dodge.



P.S. If you think you've seen the last of Paul and a broken nose, stay tuned….

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