The Art of Acceptance

The Art of Acceptance

Kyle tries to move past the past, particularly the fights in NYC.

This blog is by far the most difficult one I've had to write. New York was a very emotionally draining trip. Reliving it these past two weeks hasn't been easy. I am still baffled by the argument with Camille, first in Vegas, then In New York. I truly believed we had patched things up and were moving forward and going to have a great time. I don't know why she wanted to bring it up again.

I was upset with Kim for not stepping up to the plate and putting an end to this nightmare. Although, now I have a feeling that wouldn't have ended it anyway.

I would never want Kim just to stick up for me because she's my sister. I wanted her to speak up because she knew the truth. I know the other girls know me well enough to know I would never think or talk like Camille has claimed. However, they didn't actually hear, so they wanted to be politically correct. I respect that. I know my sister felt bad the next day. However, it was too late. I was hurt, emotionally drained, and just kept wishing I had never gone to New York.

I had such a hard time deciding if I should go to Kelsey's show or not. I knew I wasn't wanted, yet felt by not showing up it really made a statement. I decided to put my ego side and just accept that it was going to be the most awkward night of my life.

As for the comments Camille made about my husband and me, I actually wasn't surprised. That explained a lot to me. That is why she HEARD the words she THOUGHT she heard. She thinks like that. I don't. I have friends that are billionaires and friends that are having a hard time putting food on the table right now. Literally. I judge my friends by their character. Not in terms of where they stand in "the pecking order." My husband's character speaks for itself.

I have to believe that Camille's actions and words were a reflection of the difficult time she is going through. I have come to a point where I have accepted that not everyone is meant to be friends. However, I do wish Camille and her family the best through this trying time.

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