Roaring '20s

Roaring '20s

Taylor Armstrong talks about preparing for her costume party.

Sometimes you have to go back, way back, to fix the problems of the present. This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we went back to the 1920s to see if we could do just that. I have always enjoyed dressing up, especially in era costumes. Putting on a costume seems to lighten one’s mood and sets the tone for a fun evening. When it comes to finding a unique costume, Hollywood is the place to be. Hollywood costume houses are a special treasure trove of archived costumes worn in films, theatre, and television. Fortunately, my friend and stylist, Julie Waldorf, found time to meet me at Western Costume. Western Costume has dressed virtually every major film star beginning in the silent era, through the first Academy Awards, to today. It was a very special treat for me to have the opportunity to play dress-up with their vast collection. I was so impressed with the miles -- yes, seven miles -- of Hollywood treasures. It’s like a trip down motion picture memory lane walking the aisles of Western Costume, very nostalgic. Julie and I had a laugh trying on different looks; we selected a vintage headband from the 1920s. I so admired the gorgeous dresses from the era but, I was concerned about wearing the fragile ninety-year-old garments to a party. I opted for a modern version from Sue Wong, rather than risk the delicate fabric and bead work in the vintage dresses. Among Ms. Wong’s collections are 1920s-inspired pieces, including the one I wore in this episode.

I loved seeing all my friends dressed in costume and enjoying themselves. It was especially nice to see Kyle and Camille put their differences aside for the evening and have some fun; we all needed it.

It was kind of Kim to invite me for a manicure. It was the first time we really had the chance to talk and we related to one another much better than in the past. I am not sure where the tension between us comes from or where it is going, but we are certainly better one-on-one than in the middle of a tornado. We may still have our differences, but I now have hope.

The charity event at Villa Blanca went beautifully. The fashion show was a hit, the food was delicious, and the proceeds went to a very deserving young lady. Very nice job, Lisa.

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