Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Adrienne explains the importance of snacks and feels Kim's pain.

I have to say, I really enjoyed watching this episode. It was proof that life can be hilarious, even when you don't intend for it to be funny! So The Doctors asked Paul and I to come on to discuss how a working couple balances busy careers, marriage, children, and staying healthy. I was going to show the audience some quick and easy kickboxing moves that I use in my morning workouts as well, so I was packing a bag with workout gear. Ladies, I know this happens to you, too. You're methodically packing a suitcase to go somewhere, and at the last second your husband tries to throw in his things, right on top of everything you’ve carefully folded and ironed and cleaned. They think this makes them low maintenance. It's not like Paul doesn’t have dozens of travel bags in his closet. I swear, men!

After watching this episode I also came to the realization that just like I pack snacks in my bag for my boys, I'm going to have to pack an extra granola bar for Paul. Not only did he scavenge for food prior to our taping of The Doctors, you should have seen him this past weekend! Paul and I went to Charlotte, North Carolina where my Adrienne Maloof for Charles Jourdan shoe collection was debuting at the flagship Belk store at Southpark Mall. We arrived, and the lovely people of Belk had set up food for us because it was a three-hour event. A fan asked Paul if he’d tried the BBQ down south. Well, that was that. For the next two hours, all I heard about was BBQ. Paul wanted chicken. Paul wanted ribs. He wanted real North Carolina BBQ sauce. As we were leaving the store and racing to catch our flight, the Belk team came up with a Christmas miracle – a huge bag full of hot BBQ that kept Paul busy and quiet all the way to the airport. Have to say a huge thank you to everyone who came out to Belk and to Macy’s in Sherman Oaks, CA the next night to check out the collection. I am so appreciative of both my amazing retail partners and my fellow shoe addicts! Vegas was so much fun! The thing I love about going is that the city actually has something for everyone. I’ve had a great time there with my kids, or as a couple, but it really does make for a fabulous girl’s only trip.

We had such a blast in the Kingpin Suite at the Palms. As you can see, no one in this group would dare rock hideous bowling shoes. Maybe that's why we had more gutter balls than anything else?

We went up to Moon afterwards for some dancing. I loved watching everyone letting loose and having fun!

Later on Brandi went downstairs to the Palms to gamble at the blackjack tables. She was great to our dealer as well, giving back half her winnings as a tip. Thought that was really sweet!

I did feel terrible at the end for Kim. It's so hard to balance motherhood with fulfilling your own dreams, and I know she was really struggling with the choices she had to make. Obviously it was such a genuinely heartbreaking thing for Kyle and everyone to see. I really do hope good things come her way.

OK, now I have to run. I hear Paul rummaging around in the refrigerator again, and I think Bernie is off grocery shopping. Paul probably thinks that if he makes enough noise down there, I’ll miraculously learn how to make him those scrambled eggs. Let’s consider the Vegas odds on that happening. . .

Yeah, right!



P.S. I'll be in Manhattan at Lord and Taylor on Fifth Avenue this Saturday, December 17th from 11 - 1 pm in the shoe department. Come out and say hi! Hopefully I will see you there!

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