Beach Bummed

Beach Bummed

Dana is disappointed she wasn't invited to Hawaii, but happy she was home to support Taylor.

Happy New Year! I hope 2012 brings you prosperity and good health.

I really value loyalty in my friendships, and I was really upset with the way the ladies handled the situation with Taylor at the White Party. I knew the women doubted Taylor because she kept going back to Russell and they couldn't understand the behavior, but as I have learned through my work with 1736 this is pretty typical in the cycle of abuse.

Taylor and I actually met at my house after The White Party while the girls were in Hawaii and had a heart-to-heart about the situation. I tried to remind her what we learned by working with 1736 and tried to show her using the paperwork that she probably, without realizing it, was following the pattern. I also agreed with her that it was time to leave, as her relationship seemed to be getting worse.

I was disappointed that I wasn't invited to Mauricio's birthday and that Brandi went with Camille, but I was happy to be home to support Taylor as best as I could.

OK, nobody drink after you've just taken medication please! you can see from Brandi's behavior why it's not recommended! Brandi looked hot in her hardly there bikini, but since my blog is a bit of a platform, I want to mention that I hope women remember when watching the show that her body isn't the only hot type out there. Curves are sexy too. I actually found out that a tabloid put my "chubby" ass in there sexy body 2011 issue this week so Ken eat your heart out!

I thought everybody was being really hard on Kim’s guy, when I met him he seemed really nice and I was happy to see Kim happy. I guess I'm not always aware of all the dynamics with these chicks. When you leave home at 15 and lose your mother when you're 10 it changes your perspective. I guess that's why I live in extremes and not so practically.

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