On a Happy Note

On a Happy Note

Dana is thrilled the season ended with Pandora's beautiful wedding.

Congratulation Ken, Lisa, and Pandora on your big day! It looked like loads of fun. Lisa and I are not that close so that’s why I wasn't at the wedding, but I'm happy for her anyway. I thought Ken and Lisa were really cute about the whole thing. I'm glad the season ended on a happy note, and let me just say it has been an absolute ball getting to know the ladies and the fans this season.

On that note, even the people who hate me have been entertaining so know that I feel blessed to have had this experience. I'm going through a lot of changes in my life some of which you will hear about at the reunion. So no matter what happens next season, and believe me anything can happen in the world of reality. . .let's keep in touch!

Watch the reunion, it will be worth it! You'll learn a lot more about me and there will be a few surprises.

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