Starting Over

Starting Over

Dana shares how she mended fences with Brandi, and why she was trying to help Kim do the same.

Happy holidays everyone! Struggling through the blog today. I have a bad cold.

Brandi and I weren’t getting along for most of the season. It wasn't until after the Vegas trip that we agreed to put our differences aside and start over. We actually got stuck at the airport in Burbank for three hours together! At the end of our time there, we agreed that we both have our annoying attributes. She disliked my money and brand mentions (by the way the white dress I'm wearing at the party is Chanel) and I disliked "her in your face" inappropriate behavior and vulgarity (f--k, f--k, c--k). However we decided to put some effort into our friendship and accept each other and have some fun. I made this decision despite the misunderstandings she had had with some of the other girls. Whether Kim likes Brandi or not, is not my problem, nor is it a reason for me to dislike her. I don't care whether someone dislikes someone else. I try to make my own judgments based on my personal experiences with that person.

This week you see me in a light-hearted way trying to convince Kim to accept an apology from Brandi, but Kim is strong-minded, and I knew if I pushed too hard she would just get angrier and block it out altogether. I took the approach of just trying to plant the seed that maybe it's time to let it go. I know Kim was really hurt by Brandi's comments, but it had been months and Brandi did try several times to apologize and she admitted she went too far. My only comment for Kim and Brandi on the show this week was "awwwwkward" (deep voice).

I also want to say for the record that Kim's boyfriend seemed really nice and she seemed really happy with him, so I wanted to give him a chance and be as supportive as I could when they got to the party. I think they felt uncomfortable.

It's amazing how much drama went down at the party that I was not aware of. I was having a great time, taking photos with Brandi, dancing and hanging out with my son Conor, and I didn't realize what was going on with Taylor until someone told me after she had already left. Although I understand why the group was uncomfortable with being around Russell, I feel like someone should have informed them before they got there especially since they flew home from Vegas for it. No one could have texted her beforehand? 

Was it really necessary that six people had to ask them to leave instead of one? I think one caring person could have handled the situation, if not for Kyle, then someone else. I felt bad that Kyle was in that position, and she was obviously very distraught. I guess everyone was pretty raw about the situation between Taylor and Russell at that point and couldn't deal with it anymore. My reaction to finding out Taylor was turned away should be on the next episode so you'll have to wait

Have Happy Holiday! I wish you all a great New Year!

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