Fun Times (and Drama) in Vegas

Fun Times (and Drama) in Vegas

Taylor wishes she could have made the trip to Vegas -- and that she could have met Suzanne Somers.

It was fun to see Suzanne Somers in this week's episode. When I was growing up, I watched Three's Company and she was my favorite. I find all the hormone replacement therapy quite interesting. Lisa was making me laugh, as usual.

I adore Sophia and all the Umansky girls so seeing her graduation celebration warmed my heart. She is a beautiful girl inside and out and she is a wonderful role model for Portia and Kennedy. Glad the girls got a chance to go on a little getaway weekend to Vegas. We have had some fun times (and some drama) there in the past.

I would have enjoyed going but I had a prior commitment. It was nice to see the girls enjoying their time together and having a few laughs.

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