Things You Will Always See at a White Party

Things You Will Always See at a White Party

When it comes to Kyle's White Parties, there are six things you can always expect to see.

Kyle's White Party has become a staple of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and though it continues to get more and more lavish each year, there are some things that we can always count on to be the same. 


1. FatBurger
No matter how many fancy apps are being passed around, we can always count on the White Party to have a burger stand. 

Kyle Richards

And thank goodness! Those burgers look delicious. 

Camille Grammer

2. Air Kissing
If there's one thing these ladies love, it's a cheek-to-cheek exchange.  

Yolanda H. Foster

We're exhausted just watching.


3. Performers
We're not always sure what it is they're performing, but the costumes sure are fun. 



Lisa Rinna

4. Inappropriate Touching
When the air kissing ends, the groping begins. 

Brandi Glanville

5. A Confrontation
Because there's never been a White Party in Housewives history that didn't end with someone upset.  

Yolanda H. Foster

6. Signature Dance Moves
We're just sad Kyle's ponytail helicopter dance didn't show up this year. 

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