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"Bow At Me": What Exactly Did LeeAnne Mean? An #RHOD Phrase Explained

After much deliberation, we finally figured out what exactly LeeAnne Locken was saying - by asking her.

If You Bow at LeeAnne, She'll Bow Back

When LeeAnne Locken said her now infamous "bow at me" line, you, like us, may have paused the TV, looked around confused at your fellow Housewives fans and questioned aloud, "Did she just say bow at me?!" "How does one bow at someone?" "Have ever bowed at anyone?" And finally, "How can Cary Deuber look so good after eight hours of surgery?" Well, we may be able to answer at least three of those questions. Yes, after extensive research, head scratching, and reaching out to the Housewife herself, we have come to the final conclusion of what exactly the charity queen meant at this ladies luncheon.  

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First things first, what exactly is our Dallas diva saying? To be honest, we weren't sure.

Is she saying "beau" at her? Is she being high society fancy-like with this French spelling? Does "beau" have some other meaning than the old timey word for a creepy guy that is constantly asking your dad to marry you? Have we figured it out already?!

Spoiler: no we have not. That version, in fact, still just means "boyfriend" according to Merriam Webster's dictionary. So she's officially saying "bow." One mystery solved. 

But something was still off...we usually think of "bow" as a noun when pronounced like LeeAnne's version. Bows are worn in your hair, they adorn gifts, or even, dare we say, sit atop a cap at the annual Dallas Mad Hatters event. Heck, we'd even accept the "bow" and arrow version. But she is clearly daring Cary "to bow" at her. The saga continues...

To bow, pronounced like "Ow!"  - what the camera man probably said when hit by the full force of LeeAnne below - also doesn't quite fit. 

Even if LeeAnne was just mispronouncing the word, we're guessing she wouldn't have said she wanted Cary and Stephanie Hollman to bow at her like the Queen of England. Yes, respect is a big deal for LeeAnne, especially when someone is 10 years her senior, but that might be taking it to a level even beyond the Dallas charity world. 

You Don't Even Effing Know LeeAnne Locken, Bitch

What did LeeAnne mean?! After some very interesting articles on dog aggression poses and the tradition of bowing ceremonies across the world, we decided to go to the source. Who better to solve this conundrum than LeeAnne Locken herself? Thank goodness, our Dallas cowgirl did not disappoint. 

"Bow at me is slang for preparing to fight someone!" LeeAnne clarified, "Bow at me is a dare/warning. Cary always wants to one up everyone and if she was looking for a fight I was just letting her know - I am good to go! #BRINGIT." Nothing like an explanation with a side of shade. Not only that, she sent us the definition as proof: "Southern Slang for body language interpreted as puffing up as if preparing to fight someone." And who says our Housewives aren't hip?

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Now you, too, can go to Texas and dare people to bow at you. Just be prepared:

Noted, LeeAnne, noted. 

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