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Riding, Rockin' and the Champagne Splash!

Michaele talks about Paul's birthday party, Tareq's champagne splash, and Lynda's disparaging remarks about her weight.

In this episode, I was WOW’d by my husband Tareq for my birthday! He surprised me with shoes and a beautiful new grey mare horse I named Sparkle. What you didn’t see was that the week before, one of my favorite horses that Tareq and I loved, named Miami had sadly died of a tumor. It broke both our hearts. You saw Miami play in episode one and when we lost him it was really hard on us both. I invite you to learn more about my polo events by visiting: .

I was happy to invite Cat and Mary to learn how to ride and play polo with Tareq. It was a dream for Mary to get involved in our world, and to be included in the polo and the wine community. I met both Mary and Lynda in the 90s when I was a makeup artist for Trish McEvoy. I was flattered they both came to me for help and advice. I was happy to help them get a new, beautiful look then, and would help again any time they need my advice.

Upon arriving on the polo farm, Cat and Mary decided that they wanted to be a little sarcastic about my attire - they were upset that they were in jeans and I was wearing riding pants. For some reason they are always the type of women who have to wear what I wear. Silly really. I am married to a polo player - of course I wear riding pants. Despite that, I really thought we had a fun afternoon getting a polo lesson from Tareq. It ended being a fun day, and surprisingly we all bonded that afternoon, which I thought was great.

Yes, Tareq played a practical joke and switched out the Chardonnay with cold beer. I don’t drink alcohol, never have, however I thought it was all in good fun and everyone ended up having a nice laugh and cheer out of it. All in all, it was a great afternoon with Cat and Mary. I thought Sparkle was brilliant!

Later in this episode, Paul Wharton reached out to me and asked if I would be one of four co-hosts for his birthday, and I contributed by providing some of the Oasis wines and Oasis champagne as you saw with Tareq “Sabrage” (cutting the top of the Champagne bottle of with the cork and glass). Paul told me that in the past when Lynda threw him a birthday party, he was disappointed and upset that he was limited to only the 30 guests and could only invite 15 couples. So, I made his party big and fun. I invited all his friends and many of my own friends to fill his birthday with the energy he loves to see at our events! Paul's publicist handled all Paul's party invites and I was happy to lend my name to the party, along with the other co-hosts! Meeting Paul at The Four Seasons was never a part of my plans for the day. Breaking it real.

Lynda, as seen in episode one and again in this episode, continued with her obsessive behavior, ranting and raging about my weight. Good grief! Who cares what size I am? Lynda forgets that she says the same thing over and over to me about my weight. I guess there will be more talk about my weight and my alleged eating disorder thanks to Lynda. Lynda talks to everyone about my weight BUT me and I am sick of her not being up front and talking behind my back. That night she went first to my husband to tell him, "Get your wife some fries or a burger she is unhealthy ... get her some protein." ENOUGH! My response to her was, "Lynda didn't your Mother ever teach you if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all?!" That is when she walked away angry and said "more is coming to me." What is that?! YIKES!

I have tried my best to teach Lynda that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and shines from within, but Lynda takes pleasure in tearing down other women, which I think is wrong. I have repeatedly forgiven Lynda for her anger and hate, and have moved forward. Girls need to celebrate one another and build each other up. Life is hard enough!

Tareq was asked to do the Sabrage to celebrate Paul's birthday. This style of opening champagne is an honor that goes back in time and is fun. Just like the winning team at the Super Bowl celebrates with Gatorade splashing, wine makers and polo players celebrate with champagne and wine splashing! I love that Tareq is a true loving husband and splashed Lynda (again) with some more champagne! So would (and did) Clark Gable in the old days for fun or to protect his lady. It's all great entertainment.

I've known Lynda for over 15 years. Let's hope one day Lynda can actually pronounce my name correctly!

Get ready for the next episode. I wonder if we will see someone I care for betray me?!

Love & Cheers!

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