Au contraire!

Au contraire!

Adriana discusses the dichotomy of an Italian not knowing his native tongue, and Cristy's comments.

I think the show is getting better each week.

Tonight's episode was hilarious to me, and I disagree with Larsa, because I didn't think her luncheon was a failure. In fact, I had a lot of fun! The best moment of this show was the Italian chef's face when I spoke to him in his supposed native language, and he became puzzled and speechless. Oh well, it is Miami after all! I guess it takes a Brazilian to teach an Italian how to speak his language. LOL!

After that, I got thrown under the bus for asking Cristy a simple question, that could have been answered very simply. I was just trying to clarify a issue she had with the charity. I've been in the committee of this charity for years now, and we never had such a problem with anyone in the past.

However, she became very defensive and decided to blame it all on me. . .uh, her reverse psychology didn't absolve her from her guilt, and her aggressiveness only proved she did do something wrong!

Also, I don't know what she is talking about when she tried to trash me. Lea and I have been friend for years, and we bonded because our sons going to the same school and playing tennis together.

Lea has never introduced me to anyone, and I never dated anyone for their social position or bank account. Au contraire! Over the years I have turned down several millionaires because I'm an hopeless romantic and have always chosen love over money! I always say: You have not lived unless you have loved someone unconditionally.

On that note, I must say Marysol's wedding was very romantic I love how in love those two are, to me that is all life should be about: LOVE!

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