Rhom S5 Adriana

Adriana De Moura

Adriana de Moura is the definition of success as an expert art dealer. From an early age, Adriana was introduced to art by her grandmother, who was a painter. After being influenced by her grandmother’s artwork, the Brazilian native pursued her education to study abroad in Paris at the Sorbonne University, studying French art and civilization. Additionally, she studied classical music in Brazil and Italian art in Florence and Rome.   

Adriana has traveled to more than 55 countries, visiting renowned museums and galleries around the world. She has represented many international artists and has worked on several art events in Rome, Monte Carlo, Stockholm and London. Adriana is also fluent in five languages – Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and Italian. She also sings in all five languages and has a bilingual new single, “Fyah,” coming soon.   

Adriana is also a philanthropist and performs to raise funds for her charity of choice, Angels for Humanity, an organization that helps impoverished children through health and education. As an avid learner, she is a firm believer in the power of education and is pursuing her third degree – a masters in psychology at Harvard.