Action Speak Louder Than Words

Action Speak Louder Than Words

Alexia shares some insight into Peter's sporty attitude and his romance, and lets us know the truth will prevail.

Since I believe in moving forward, I will not talk about last week's blogs. There is no need to… actions speak louder than words. In the end, the truth prevails and you will see it on the show!

I do want to thank you for all the nice and sweet comments. They meant so much to me. It's unfortunate, that trying to describe Venue's demographics from a marketing/business perspective, things would get so misconstrued to the point of people calling my office and making threats and hateful comments. I am so sad for these people, for people who have so much hate in their hearts, like Cristy, that have nothing better to do than cause pain and trouble in others' lives. All I can tell you is that I am praying for you. Thank you God for giving me strength. Thanks to all of my family and real friends you are so important in my life!

ANYHOW…..It was so nice to watch Episode 3 …… I can't stop laughing! I have to acknowledge how funny Marysol's mom, Elsa, is in this episode. She doesn't even have to try. Everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious. I love her humor and her accent.

I know we get on Adriana's case, for her lateness but here in Miami it's normal. . .it must be a Latin thing. I felt bad she was late to her own event. Herman would have left me behind. Seriously, he has. LOL! Herman loves art so he came with me and hung out with Philippe while I mingled with the girls

I love to wake up Peter and have breakfast together. I tried waking Frankie but he wouldn't and Herman forget about it. It's really the only day he gets to sleep in. The best way to wake up Peter is with "café con leche" (coffee and milk), "pastelitos," and "croquetas" (Cuban pastries).

I felt it was important to talk about the different things that were going on at that time in his life, his graduation party and his recent spending on his girlfriend Priscilla. I am happy that Peter is in love and in a relationship, because he has calmed down and is more focused on his life instead of being out with his friends. It is his "first" love, you know that puppy love. I get it. We have all been there, so I try to understand and relate.

Peter and Priscilla were on the cruise, stopped in St. Thomas and went inside a jewelry store. Priscilla fell in love with a David Yurman ring, and Peter got it for her. It was cute, because he called me (the call was probably more expensive) and asked me if he could put it on his credit card and I said fine. Later on, he told me that he had charged $300 and paid the difference $300 cash for a total $600. That part, I didn't like not only because of the money, but because he didn't tell me the truth at first. He told me as soon as he got back what happened, and tried to tell me that the $300 cash was his money so therefore, I had only paid $300. I was real quick to explain to him that his money is my money. I give him his allowance so he needs to count with me. By the way, he thought it was a was a great deal for that ring, and I must agree. LOL!

Peter has a budget and when he goes over he has to wait until next month. Honestly, he's not a big spender. Frankie is the shopaholic just like his mother! Peter and his friends wanted to have a graduation party and fly in a famous DJ and pay him $10,000 to play. As you saw, my answer was no. No, because of the cost involved and no because of the responsibility and liability issue being that they were only 18 years old. He understood that real fast! Peter is easy to talk to. He listens to me and takes my advice most of the time. At the end, he knows I’m always right!

While Peter was off from school, we decided to go to the gym together and work out. We do this a lot. It was so much fun. We are both competitive. We love Jarka, she's from Czechoslovakia and is awesome. I suggested Peter work out with her because Peter dislocated his shoulder playing football his sophomore year and has had surgery and dislocated it three times since. I felt that he needed some type of professional supervision. Because of his condition, I didn't want him to overwork his shoulder and dislocate like the past exercising.

Peter has always been physically active and athletically gifted until his injury. He likes to work out to feel good not only because of the modeling. Modeling is a new thing in his life. Sports have always been his life! (Frankie too.)

Until next week…I hope you are liking the show, and I hope not to let you down. It is what it is. . .things will continue to heat up in Miami so keep on watching!

Besso (kisses)


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