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All About Lea Black

Lea fills you in on her life, philsophy, and how she intends to live happily ever after.

By Lea Black

More About Me than You Probably Want to Know

It’s been an interesting season and I thank you, really thank you, for watching and for your support. In the spirit of unanswered questions, here we go.

My 11-year-old son is an accomplished pianist (I wish his recital was included in the show). He's studying three languages and is also fluent in Spanish. He's an honor roll student in the 6th grade and was awarded the citizenship of the year award five consecutive years while in elementary school. And did I mention he has a heart of gold, always offering up his college fund for anyone in need, or he is the first to donate money if a random person holds a sign up or a cup out? He loves "random acts of kindness" as he calls it.

My husband and I have been together, faithful, and happy for twenty years. And no, I didn't meet him during a trial. I did watch him in a trial though and nine months later I met him personally. He has always been an advocate for the downtrodden, the underdog, second chances and good people that made bad choices. Even though we have a very good life and lifestyle, there are countless stories of people no one ever hears about that he has helped pro bono and many people that owe their freedom to his hard work and belief in them. And many more souls that are still unfairly incarcerated that he works tirelessly for day and night, because he believes they deserve the best defense they can get.I welcome aging -- what's the alternative? I always wonder why people find such glee in criticizing one's age. I feel we are lucky every year we live a year longer. So I've filled my years working, trying to do the right thing, and enjoying my friends and family while working on charitable causes I believe in. I have a philosophy that I live by and I wrote a booklet about it that goes out with each Sudden Youth order; you can also read about it on my website. It’s a philosophy that has served me well, that philosophy and the principles in the book Do You Quantum Think allow me to create and design my life, live in the moment, and enjoy the now. Life really is made up by "moments."

The Blacks Annual Gala has been going on for 19 years. I even made a documentary film called The Fundraiser that was shown during the Cannes Film festival years back. Our website will tell you who we are, what we stand for, who we help, and why we do it. I hope you visit it ( and I hope it inspires you to get involved in something you can be passionate about. I promise your life will be richer for it.

I started my first company in the mid '80s with a small loan from the bank and have owned, managed, and operated companies in the beauty business ever since, minus the few years RJ was very young. I've had showrooms and offices around the world and in the US, been on HSN, had various highly successful infomercials (Sudden Youth and others, even featuring Joan Collins in Baden-Baden, Germany years back) and created private label products for many well respected showcases my current product lines and makes mention of my various product lines over the years. The thrust of my business has always been to empower women to be the best they can be and help reveal to them their self worth and encourage them to become financially independent and there are thousands of women (and men) worldwide that have benefited from those efforts, many of which I still hear from today.

So my life has always been an open book and I guess the show just added some pages to the story. I hope you enjoyed watching. I hope I didn't disappoint and I hope I left you wanting more! LOL!

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don'tdealwithstupid.

Please visit and And if you ever miss me (LOL!) or are up for a laugh and a giggle check out

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