Ep 1: A Tale of Two Miamis

Ep 1: A Tale of Two Miamis

Season 2 |
Aired: September 13, 2012

It's a brand new day in Miami and the queen bees of Miami's high society are back. But Lea, Adriana, and Marysol are about to have their world shaken by a new generation of super-privileged socialites. Meet Ana, Karent, Joanna, and Lisa. They're hell bent on injecting some new energy into a city that has always revered the status quo. Lea is shocked when she discovers Lisa, the young hot wife of a plastic surgeon will be her new neighbor. Karent likes to show off her Latin soap star boyfriend even though he's hit on new “Housewife” Ana. And last but not least, we get to meet Joanna, a model whose temper is almost as hot as her body -- let the fun begin!

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